If you feel that you, or your company is a victim of cyberbullying, or Internet blackmail, what follows will be relevant to you.  Here at UCIB, we support all those who are against Cyberbullying and Internet blackmail in any form, or shape.

As you will be aware, there are a growing number of Internet complaints boards that fabricate complaints, and encourage competitors, dissatisfied, or dismissed employees, racists, people who are against the products or services of traders, etc. to defame legitimate businesses and individuals.

Behind some of these boards are in most cases, criminal, or terror organisations which have a wider plan to extort money from their victims, or to disrupt the business base of a country, eg. the USA, by the ‘disinformation’ process.  As a result,  many such sites are based in countries that are outside the reach of law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, due to their being based in states that allow them to operate without restriction.

Generally, for the majority of such complaint boards, of which many are owned by the same gangs, fairness and balance in the postings are not taken into account. In fact, they owners encourage the opposite as it furthers the ‘disinformation process’ and the underlying purpose of the gangs – blackmail/ extortion.

Unlike as would be the case for legitimate complaint boards, like the US Better Business Bureau, those negatively affected typically are unable to have the offending posts removed, or reviewed by the boards for their veracity. Some ‘complaint’ blogs, like Quatloos/ Quatloosia, run by California State Attorneys, Jay Adkisson and Chris Riser, strictly manage opposing views and encourage complaints spamming.  For example, after targeting a victim who is normally a competing business (for law and investment services), they have been known to manage the spamming of multiple postings to give the impression that the trader, or individual got muliple postings from separate people, when in reality the postings were the work of one person or several persons in their team.

Many such complaint sites like Quatloos/ Quatloosia are known to be linked with terror, or high-level criminal gangs who scour the internet for victims.  Their hallmark is to present ‘respectable’ fronts to unwary consumers and offer advice and services on how to combat fraud (which are usually in competition with their victims).

For example, Chris Riser of Riser Adkisson/ Quatloos/ Quatloosia, has never been authorised to practice law as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England. However, this is presented as being the case on the Internet so as give him and his firm enhanced credibility as an international law firm. The two have defamed many respectable individuals, such as contributing editor of International Times of Dominica, Dr. Edward Lestrade, Dean Michael Clancey of NWCU, himself, an attorney of California state and former Judge Advocate in the US Marine Corp, and the like.

Typically, their victims are upcoming business offering sensitive services, eg., in law, pharmacy, medicine, etc., direct to the public.  The strategy is to swam the internet with negative, or disinformative ‘phishing’ postings about the person, or business which typically results in a highly effective marginalisation of the person of business targeted.

Remember, anyone can be their victim – it could easily be you, or your company.  Therefore, once the campaign has started, any searches for the business will be met with the Internet postings which are normally on the first page of the a Google search. As many people checking out businesses do not go further than that, the effect is damaging.  Coincidentally, once the campaign has started, the target can expect to receive calls, or emails from ‘reputation management’ consultancies which offer services starting from $5000 up to $30,000 plus to ‘fix’ the negative image of the victim. If the victim declines, the postings continue with increased intensity.

So what can be done? We recommend that you contact your state’s Business Advice Bureau, normally an NGO, or government body to assist in such matters, and/or, your Internet crime law enforcement authority.

You may also consider taking out a ‘privacy’ injunction in a UK court. The injunction will make it a criminal offence for anyone to publish anything about you without your consent, even if it is true. A UK court order is effective in most jurisdictions. This is not a cheap option, but can be a very effective one.

However, we do not recommend that you pay any money to the blackmailers/ cyberbullies, or your troubles will surely multiply as the perpetrators could be  linked to ‘terrorist’ organisation and your paying over money could be a criminal offence ‘financing terrorist organisation’. Basically, don’t do anything before taking advice from a suitably qualified professional, or law enforcement agent as to what you can do to protect yourself.

If you are worried about what to do if you are a victim, or think you are, please contact us on: ucib@timesdominica.com and we will do what we can to help.


3 Responses to “UCIB”

  1. Excellent news iToD! Good to hear that someone is taking a stand against the bullies. This kind of thing has really got to stop for the good of our country. Thanks iToD, you are the best! BTW, I looked up what people had to say about the two lawyers and by gum, they give me the creeps? Why are these horribiluses not behind bars yet??


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