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March 27, 2011

Fukushima plant radiation emission reads 10 million times higher than normal

[Justin Bridge, Japan Nuclear Disaster News Contributor]

HuffPost World: On Sunday, one of the distressed reactors at Japan‘s troubled Fukushima plant showed radiation emissions of more than 10 million times higher than normal prompting workers to flee the plant.

What is clear is that following the authorities confirmation that at least one of the cores of the reactors had been breached, far higher levels of radiation than before are now escaping into the atmosphere and environment.

This incident has done nothing to pour cold water on a concerned international community which is becoming more irritated over the failure of the Japanese government to admit the magnitude of the problem and provide it with reliable data. There is concern that the Fukushima catastrophe is dire and will make Japan practically inhabitable for many years to come and cause high radioactive fallout to affect most countries of the world.

Our News Contributor in Japan has this to say: “The situation is far, far worse than the government is prepared to admit to. It’s all about ‘saving face’ now and are worried if they admit that they messed up, people and other countries will ask them for huge compensation.  Everyone can see that they screwed up badly – the plant is out of control, cooling it is something that hopeful dreams are made up of  as meltdown is well in process. They should come clean and tell everyone what the truth is so that people can get out, or protect themselves before its too late. As for me, I will be leaving Tokyo on Monday”.

March 24, 2011

Radiation levels rise and Tokyo is moving, shows shocking video

Huffington Post reports that  Japan‘s nuclear safety agency has uprated the country’s nuclear crises from a level 4 incident to a level 5 putting it on all 4s with the Three Mile Island incident in the USA in 1979.

Experts are saying that the situation is hopeless and is set to deteriorate sharply for Japan and the rest of the world.

In the meantime, Tokyo is still ‘moving’ from the recent earthquake activity with large cracks appearing in the ground. See the disturbing video courtesy of Huffington Post & YouTube.

[Japan Contributor]

March 14, 2011

World catastrophe as Japan’s exploding reactors emit radioactive clouds and volcano erupts

Volcano explodes in Southern Japan on Sunday

Los Angeles Times:  Adding to Japan’s recent woes, on Sunday last, a volcano in its south erupted thowing volanic ash and rock up to 6000 feet into the air. So far, no fatalities have been reported, however, several hundred people have been rescued, or have fled the area and the authorities are urging caution.

The volcano is situated on Kyushu island which is approximately 950 miles from the center of the country’s recent earthquake. The exploding volcano broke windows many miles away and represented the biggest volcanic activity in the region for over 52 years.

Second Reactor Explosion

Huffington Post reports that a second reactor in the troubled Fukushima plant has exploded. The hydrogen blast sent huge clouds of smoke into the air and workers have been injured. Six more reactors at the plant are in danger of exploding and the authorities are worried.

Exploding Reactor’s are emitting radioactive clouds into the atmosphere

Although operators are saying that radiation limits are normal, this morning the aircraft carrier, USS Reagan crusing the Pacific near Japan reported that its crew members had received more that a month’s worth of radiation contamination when it passed through the reactor’s radioactive cloud. The US navy are reporting to be removing its fleet from areas near the stricken plant.

[Natural Disaster and Emergency Contributor]

March 13, 2011

140,000 plus feared dead as aftershocks continue to ravage Japan

Huffington Post reports that since the explosion of one of the country’s nuclear reactors on Saturday which was caused by the recent earthquake, the authorities are seriously concerned about the possibility of an unstoppable ‘meltdown’ which could devastate the country for many years to come.

The scale of death and destruction caused by Japan‘s recent earthquake disaster has been unprecedented in the country’s history. Towns have been totally wiped out and more than 140,000 are feared dead. Along Japan’s coast, for several hundred miles, thousand of starving survivors are clinging to life in emergency centers which unfortunately are inaccessible to rescuers and electricity supply. Trains have disappeared and bodies awash Japan’s shores.

[Asia Contributor]

March 12, 2011

Japan in nuclear disaster fear after reactor explodes

Telegraph UK confirms an AFP agency report that an explosion blasting white smoke into the air was heard today at a power plant placed under an ’emergency’ situation by the Japanese government in the wake of the country’s major earthquake. Many workers have been injured and the government has warned that radiation leaks will occur. The reactor is at the Daiichi works which is around 150 miles away from Tokyo.

The explosion is fuelling fears of a  major nuclear disaster for the country, especially as one other reactor has also been compromised by the earthquake.

Capital Markets Implications

According to Telegraph Finance, due to worries about the effect on the country’s economy in the aftermath of the earthquake, there has been an acute sell-off  in stock markets over Asia.  Japan‘s index ended today ended at 1.7pc lower at 10254.40, with South Korea’s Topix and Hong Kong’s Hang Seng showing rapid falls as well. Europe’s bourses were next and Germany’s Dax and France’s CAC 40 followed suit.

[Asia Contributor]