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June 1, 2011

Syrian security officials destroy penis of thirteen year old boy demonstrator and kill him

[Abdul Goldstein, Middle East and African Contributor]

MailOnline Syria’s officials are going all out on the people power demonstrators as shown up by the recent horrific execution of thirteen-year-old Hamza Ali al-Khateeb, which had involved Syrian security forces acting under the orders of the country’s beseiged president, Bashar al-Assad, to destroy the boys penis.

The child had been picked up by Syrian officials in Jiza, a village in Dar’a province of Syria, around a month ago and later on his body punctured like sieve and minus his penis, was returned to his anguished parents. His knees has been destroyed and his  neck broken also.

The family was warned by Syrian police against talking too much, but apparently not enough to persuade them to go along with the unspeakable act of cruelty out of fear of being hurt. As a result, the father has been arrested and might probably be facing the same fate as his son.

The news of the boy that shocked the world was posted on YouTube, apparently by a family member, as after the rebellion against the president which in fact had turned into a civil war, Syria was shut to the members of  the international press.

However, it seems that instead of daunting the rebels, the murder has inspired a wave of fierce protests against the injustice of the current regime. According to expatriated human rights activist Radwan Ziadeh and as reported by the Washington Post, the child has already become one of the most powerful symbols of the revolt.

‘(His death) is the sign of the sadism of the Assad regime and its security forces,’  Radwan said.

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May 23, 2011


May 10, 2011

“I’ll be back” – not likely it seems for Mrs. Schwarzenegger

[Diana Jones, Celebrity News Contributor]

Huffpost Politics:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, on Monday of this week announced his separation from his wife of 25 years standing, Maria Shriver.  The announcement did not feature his signature remark: ‘I’ll be back’, so the word is out that the move is permanent.

An ex-Governor of the State of California, which did not quite badly thank you very much under the leadership of the actor turned politician, no one knows what this 63 year old is likely to do with his life now. Only time will tell, perhaps it’s time to retire Arnie?

April 28, 2011

Bradley Manning guilty, even before trial, according to a shocking declaration by President Obama

[Joe O ‘Brian, War on Terror Contributor]

In a video now going viral on YouTube, President Obama says that Bradley Manning, the US soldier being detained for alleged involvement in the Wikileaks disclosures, is guilty even before his trial.

There is widespread concern in the legal community in the USA now, that this utterance by the president, will make it impossible for Mr. Manning to be brought before a military tribunal and as a result, he is likely to spend the rest of his life as a ‘detainee’.

Mr. Manning’s supporters are saying that he should be declared a ‘patriot’ and not a spy as his alleged disclosures appear to have been for the benefit of the people of the USA to educate them on the misdeeds of their own government and no Wikileaks files concerning Mr. Manning it seems, had ever been released to any enemy of the USA.

April 13, 2011

Old habits die hard for Czech president as video shows him stealing Chile’s president’s pen

[Joshua Kahn, Celebrities Contributor]

MSNBC.COM: A video showing Czech President Vaclav Klaus stealing Chile‘s president’s pen has become an internet hit with more than 1 million views thus far.

The president says that it is customary for visitors to take pens, but this has not been confirmed by the Chilean president. And in any event, why did he not take the box containing the pen?? Hmmmnnn….. a tea leaf is at large it seems!

It is not known whether the Chilean president has bought a new pen and if he did whether he intends to send the bill to the Czech Republic, nor is it known whether the Chilean police intend to press charges, or just ‘write’ off the incident.

Watch the video and judge for yourself.

April 5, 2011

Microsoft sues Google

[Lauren Stalford, Technology Contributor]

GMA News: Software giant, Microsoft, which had been in trouble with the European Union (‘EU’) for monopolistic strategies, is taking all that out on Google in the EU now, which it is accusing of ‘search biasing’.

Analysts are saying that the timing for the lawsuit is to do with Microsoft’s difficulty in improving its market share despite its huge and expensive efforts to popularize  the Bing search engine, which it owns. Development work for Bing is reputed to have cost it over 1 billion USD.

However, that Google is agressively ‘optimising’ its search results, it may have a case according to Mike Davis of Ovum who explains that 97 % of Google’s income is from Internet advertising. He says though that Microsoft has been doing the same thing with Bing which he suggests merely replicates search results on Google.  According to him, despite an EU ruling on the case, the war between the rivals is set to go on.

March 26, 2011

Shocking video of boy being shot many times in the chest by cops AU: A boy was shot many times in the chest by five police officers who have now been detained for questioning.

A shocking YouTube video shows the 14-yr old boy being shot repeatedly by the officers.  The boy is in critical condition but is stable.

The policemen swooped on the boy in Manaus which is the capital of the northern state of Amazonas and the potentially lethal assault upon the child happened in August 2010 outside his house.

The incident only surfaced when the video was shown on TV stations last week. The boy’s family are in hiding fearing retaliations from the police.

[Crime Contributor]

March 22, 2011

New face for disfigured US man

BBC News: A team of more than 30 doctors in the USA has given a 25-year-old man a total face transplant.

The man, Dallas Wiens, had received extensive disfigurement following an accident when his entire facial features had melted when his head touched a high voltage electrical wire. Dallas is said to be recovering well and the surgeons are saying that the procedure has been successful.

His nose, lips, skin and muscles and all the nerves providing sensation have been installed. However, sadly, his eyesight was not able to be restored.  A similar operation was performed in Spain last week and in 2005, the world’s first such operation (although a partial face replacement) was done in France on a woman who had been savaged by a dog.

[Health and Medicine Contributor]

March 17, 2011

Rayvon – taking hip-hop reggae to new heights in 2011

Rayvon is the 2011 hip-hop reggae sensation. The Brooklyn-raised artist Rayvon has revolutioned the reggae sound by a livid interspersing with dynamic street-strong hip-hip.  As the appropriately dubbed “ambassador of hip-hop reggae”, Rayvon is taking the genre by storm.

Having shared the stage with monolithic icons such as the Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, Rayvon’s pop-infused Caribbean flavor paved the way for the next generation of Barbadian recording artists such as Rihanna, Shontelle, and Jaicko.

His new album, Rayvon, features track work from heavyweights such as Jah Snowcone (Sean Paul, Vybz Kartel) as well as the production prowess of Danny Champagne, Ali Cat, and Carl “Beaver” Henderson.

The first single “Back it Up” is a hard-edged pulsating groove that have guys jumping and ladies gyrating. From “Hustle and Flow” to the pop reggae lilt of “Wedding Song,” the album result is an explosive collection of sonic heavy hitters (“Riding Skill”), Euro dance (“Private Dancer”), and his patented brand of hip-hop reggae (“Get Money,” “Bang Bang”).

Rayvon is probably best known for his work with multi-platinum selling vocalist Shaggy. The two began collaborating on a string of tunes in the 90’s which culminated in the Sting Int’l produced regional hit “Big Up.” Rayvon says, “We both got our break with that record. It put us in the reggae/dancehall spotlight. I had a smooth-edged style of singing and he had that rough DJ style. The chemistry was amazing.” Rayvon was also featured covering The Melodians’ classic “Rivers of Babylon” on the B-side of Shaggy’s 1993 hit “Oh Carolina”.

In 2001 Rayvon lent his vocals to yet another smash Shaggy duet, “Angel,” from the 6x Platinum seller Hotshot. This time, the duo topped Billboard’s Hot 100 and took home an American Music Award for the wildly successful tune. Rayvon appeared with Shaggy in the national spotlight on shows like Live w/ Regis & Kelly, Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, David Letterman and All My Children. The song has since clocked in at 18 million views on YouTube and has been certified gold and platinum around the world.

Rayvon says, “People have grown up with the classic songs I’ve done over the years. People want to hear Reggae because it’s feel good music. Feel good music will never die.”

For more information about Rayvon and how to purchase his music, you can contact:-

Stringbean International Records Limited;; 44 (0) 208 616 4570 or 44 (0) 7758 669161; Email: .

[Samantha Josst, Music & Media Contributor]

March 15, 2011

“Friday” has over 5 million hits on Youtube

[Music & Song Contributor]

With more than 5,650,114 hits in record time, Rebecca Black’s “Friday”  video is a YouTube sensation.  The song’s lyrics are belted out in rap style and itself is a bewildering array of contradictions that should deny it any popularity. But popular it is – check it out and see. The video producer is Ark Music Factory, a Los Angeles company focussing on developing child stars in quick time. It was started in February by Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey who are veteran producers.