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March 17, 2011

Radiocative particles from Japan on way to USA, Europe panics

MSNBC reports that scientists have reported that, radioactive particles from Japan‘s nuclear plant ‘meltdown’ are on their way to the USA and will eventually reach Europe in days.

This projection is according to research director at Swedish Defence Research Institute, Lars-Eik De Geer, who had collated data from a wide network of international stations watching for signs of nuclear weapons testing.  Although he stressed that current levels were not harmful to people as yet, it is not clear that the situation will be the same as the particles continue to intensify as the meltdown progresses to full-swing.  According to De Geer, the radioactive particles will be detected all over the northern hemisphere in due course.

Whilst Europeans are very concerned about the high level of damage to health to practically most of the world by the failure of 2 to 6 reactors in a country as far away as Japan, there is increasing worry about the danger posed to Europe from within it from France’s dominance in the nuclear energy field.

Currently, France has 58 reactors and is the world’s second largest producer of nuclear power.  In recent times all of its reactors have experienced severe cooling problems.

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