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May 31, 2011

Moscow – distinguished ex naval commissar rapes more than 20 children in an orgy of depravation and lust

[John Connintre, Russia News Contributor]

Ex naval commissar Vasily Midtev, head of  the Young Eaglets of the Fleet Patriotic Club in Moscow, has admitted to sexually assaulting more than 10 children in his care between 2006 and 2011.

Predatory Midtev enjoyed the sexual favours of the children frequently, sometimes group sexual encounters took place.

The 51 year old was arrested by Moscow police on May 17 when they had received over 20 complaints from parents that the salacious Midtev had raped their children.

The Young Eaglets  of the Fleet club was established in Moscow around 25 years ago and admits only children under 14. The club teaches seamanship and organizes journeys to regions of Russia.

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March 13, 2011

After the Cold War, the thaw accelerates as USA and Russia look to abolish visas

At a meeting last week between US Vice President, Joe Biden and Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, co-operation initiatives between the two countries were discussed which included scrapping of visa requirements between Russia and America. The meeting was felt to be successful overall by the two men and a senior  (anonymous) American administration official was reported to have said that the meeting was: “a serious discussion about serious issues, including cooperation on missile defense, accession to the World Trade Organization, Georgia, Afghanistan and energy.”

[Russia Contributor]