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April 19, 2011

Dominica historian and social scientist, Dr. Lennox Honeychurch, achieves $500,000 award for excellence

[Dr. Edward Lestrade, Dominica News Contributor]

DA Vibes Newspaper: At a well-attended ceremony in Trinidad  on the 9th of April 2011, Dr. Lennox Honeychurch, a distinguished Dominica-born historian and social scientist, was awarded the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence which carries a $500,000 prize.

Lennox was born in Dominica in 1952 and attended the St. Mary’s Academy secondary school. I attended the school with him and knew him then as one of the most popular, participative and studious members of the school.

Later on in life, Lennox won a scholarship to Oxford University and there he gained a D.Phil (Doctor of Philosophy) at the university’s  St. Hughes’ College. Thereafter, he could have gone anywhere in the world to further his career, but instead,  chose to return to his cherished island home country of Dominica, which he has served tirelessly and with great enthusiasm for all of his life thus far.

I met Lennox a few years ago in his birth town of Portsmouth where he was lecturing overseas students on the rich cultural heritage of Dominica. Then, his enthusiasm and eloquence in respect to all matters concerning Dominica were visible aspects of his delivery and had kept his audience practically spell-bound.

Lennox, in his acceptance speech, is quoted by DA Vibes newspaper as saying that instead of choosing to emigrate to more developed countries: “to wake at 6 am, in the cold, and then to take the subway in New York, or the Tube in London, to get to work”, Caribbean people should, like him,  opt to stay at home to realise, as he has done, the potential of their islands.

Lennox has authored many books, of which: ‘The Caribbean People’ is the most popular in the region.

The Anthony N Sabga Foundation is unique in the Caribbean and serving to promote excellence in the arts, sciences and public/ civic contributions, it give annual/ bi-annual prizes for those it considers to be meriting in the fields.  The foundation is owned by the ANSA McAL Group of companies. Since 2006 the awards have been given twice yearly, but this year was the first time the awards were made yearly.  According to the Foundation, the move was principally a function of the current world recessionary climate and also to allow it to devote more time to finding deserving candidates.

My personal congratulations to Lennox is: “Well done Lennox, a prize extremely well-deserved for all you are doing for Dominica”.

April 10, 2011

Nature island of Dominica suffers ‘demonic’ invasion

[Helena Perez, Dominica News Contributor] Following incidents at schools in the Caribbean island of Dominica where normally well-behaved children have erupted into violent and bizarre behaviour, Dominicans are fearing that a satanic attack has been launched on the island’s school system.

There was yet another strange happening during the middle of last week at a school in the north of the island when three students were reported to have displayed paranormal behaviour.  Fear and panic gripped the school in the town of Portsmouth when three girls began to scream without any apparent reason and commenced ransacking their classrooms. Teachers and students had run from the school in fear during the incident which had brought the entire school to a standstill.

In March this year at a school in the island’s capital, Roseau, more or less the same thing happened and the children involved had been submitted for psychiatric evaluation.  Past years have also witnessed similar events with some saying that the children has spoken in ‘tongues’ at the incidents.

Local doctors are describing the events as being due to ‘mass hysteria‘. However, residents are saying that the patterns of behaviour specifically show some form of demonic possession.

March 26, 2011

International Times of Dominica – recruiting now

International Times of Dominica is looking for a Classified Ads. Manager. The position is based online and your duties will be to source local and international advertisements for the portal.  Remuneration is negotiable and the position starts immediately.

We are also looking for experienced moderators and features contributors – worldwide applications are welcome.

To apply, send us your CV and a covering letter.

March 8, 2011

Carnivals in pictures – Brazil/ Dominica

February and March make up the carnival season for Brazil and the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica.

Carnival days are ones of shows, parties and parades on a non-stop ‘party until you drop’ basis. In Brazil’s Rio, various samba schools compete for prizes and are judged by costume and dancing skills. Then there are the street festivals – dancing and music – where everyone participates. Key party dates are:

  • March 5th 2011
  • February 18th 2012
  • February 9th 2013
  • March 1st 2014.

Dominica’s carnival season starts in February and ends with two wild ‘jump up’ days on March 7th to 8th. The scene is similar to Brazil’s, but on a smaller, less extravagant scale (though not less pleasurable). There are calypso (singing) competitions, music and beauty competitions and for the lucky girl, election to the status of Carnival Queen.

Dominica Carnival Queen 2011, Jacintha Fagan

[Art & Entertainment Contributor]