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May 25, 2011

G8 Nations warned by powerful action groups – no Internet censorship, or else

[Kuzu Ahmed, Internet Freedom Contributor] Large Internet information services companies, digital players and Internet activists are warning G8 countries meeting in Paris this week, that if politicians continue to attempt to limit internet access and censor information sharing on the Internet, those restrictions will become increasingly irrelevant as they will be deliberately circumvented.

Recent times have seen increasing resistance from the large Internet information services companies like Google and Twitter as well as Internet activists who together have poured cold water on politicians’ censorships on the Internet, which they claim are in contravention of the human right of freedom of expression.

The message was discussed among the leaders of the Group of Eight  – eight of the world’s most influential countries – which began a meeting in France on Thursday to discuss the impact of the Arab uprising which seem to have been enabled by the Internet.

According to Jean-Francois Julliard of Reporters Without Borders “G-8 governments should say very clearly for once that Internet access is a fundamental human right.”  He says that more than 60 countries have Internet restrictions in activity and many are following suit.

Additionally,  Tony Wang, the general manager of the social networking site Twitter, said that Internet censorship is self-defeating and commented that:  “the response to bad speech should be more speech.”

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May 18, 2011

More women come out with sex charges against horny IMF chief Straus-Kahn who is now on suicide watch in a New York prison

[Samantha Templeton-Brewster, Celebrities Contributor]

MailOnline: It seems that sheer hell has decended upon the apparently sex-crazed ‘rutting chimpanzee’, AKA the unfortunate IMF chief, Dominique Straus Kahn,  following his imprisonment on charges of forced anal and oral sex upon a black Sofitel Hotel chambermaid in New York.

That is because the bandwagon of his abusees is getting bigger at a fast past as an increasing number of women are coming forward with allegations that he had forced himself upon them in a number of sexually inappropriate ways in the past.  However, no matter how different the individual cases are, the underlying thing message is clear- the IMF chief ‘has a problem’ with curbing his incandescent sexual desire.

His Twitter-like following of abusees now include the French Socialist party deputy Aurelie Filipetti, who reportedly had been salaciously ‘groped’ by Straus-Kahn; a journalist who did not want to mention her full name but who  reportedly had been offered sex in exchange for an exclusive  interview with the rampant IMF chief;  a Mexican chambermaid at the Sofitel who is claiming to have been sexually assaulted too along with her New York colleague whose allegations resulted in the IMF’s chief ending up in a prison cell and who’s DNA samples have matched up with those found on Strauss Kahn.

Moreover, rumours  are resurfacing that the sexually insatiable  IMF chief used to frequently visit a high-profile Paris swinger’s club Les Chandelles, which offers its clients to freely swap partners and  realize  any sexual fantasies imaginable with unknown males and females in darkened rooms.  It seems that his rough handling of many that he met there will be likely to erupt into another barrage of claims against the embattled Frenchman.

To cap it all, according to the words of the French  television  producer and host  Thierry Ardisson, who reportedly has known Mr. Kahn for quite a while, ‘Everyone knew about it. I have 14 women pals who have told me: “He tried to jump me.” I think that guy has an illness: you can enjoy s*******, but not to that point. He needs therapy.’

Well, Strauss Kahn is certainly likely to get therapy for his illness in a New York prison where inmates offer a special kind of therapy for sex offenders.

April 15, 2011

Why France’s stance on the Burka is to be applauded

[Selena Hills, Women’s Rights Contributor]

This week, France became the first country in the world to outlaw the Burka.  As from now, it is illegal to wear a full-face veil in public in the country.

Whilst the law has provoked much controversy in the country, many western nations are considering making similar laws and are being urged by human rights groups to do so.  The main reason for that is because the burka is widely accepted in the Muslim world and outside it, to be a symbol of a man’s domination over a woman. As such the practice which is not supported by any religious norms, is considered to be repulsive and concerning to women in western societies who cherish their equality with men.

Female Genital Mutilation

Another powerful symbol of men’s domination over women, female genital cutting (FGC) is practised in most of Northeast Africa, the far east and southeast Asia  (includes: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, East Malaysia, East Timor, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Singapore).

In these countries most of the victim’s genitals are cut away to make her more attractive to her future husband. The procedure is savage and causes much distress to the women, most of whom never recover psychologically as well as physically from the ordeal. reports that Lancashire midwife Cath Holland  had first went to Kenya back in 1998 as a midwifery tutor at a nursing school in Pokot.  Soon upon her arrival, she discovered that Pokot practised the most extreme form of female genital mutilation (FGM) whereby the entire outer genitalia, including the clitoris, are literally hacked off whilst the woman is still conscious.

Later on, in her professional duties, she witnessed the effects of the brutal practice when women suffered horribly when giving birth as their vaginal openings, due to the mutilations, were too narrow to let their babies out.

She comments: “In that area, they say there are three sorrows of womanhood. The first is when a girl has her genitalia removed, usually in her teens. The second is when she gets married, and has to have her vagina opened so she can have penetrative sex, which is usually done using an animal’s horn. And the third is when she gives birth, and has to be cut again so the baby can be born”.

After witnessing a FGM procedure for herself, she was so traumatized by the event that she became a committed advocate against the practice.

Women’s rights groups worldwide consider France’s move on the burka to be the right one for women and want it to go even further so that FGM/ FGC too can also be criminalised as they have no place in any civilised society based on equal rights for all.

April 11, 2011

France enforces burka law – women arrested

[Alise Benoit, in Paris -France News Contributor]

BBC News: Since France’s law against the wearing of the Burka came into force this week, two women have been arrested for non-compliance. The new law prohibits any woman in France to wear a face-hiding item of apparel, like the niqab, or burka in public places.  Those who do may be arrested and fined by police.

France is the first country to ban the burka which a substantial number of Muslims consider to be religious apparel. The fine for breaking the law is 150 Euros and a citizenship course.  Whilst the ban does not specifically list burkas, it does exempt other forms of face-hiding apparel and because of this, Muslims are feeling victimized.

The exceptions include:-

  • motobike helmets
  • health face-masks
  • sports, or professional masks (eg., those worn by the French secret police it may be assumed)
  • Sunglasses and hats which do not totally conceal the face
  • Sportive, or religious occasions masks.

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February 24, 2011

Beyonce goes tribal with new look

MailOnline reports that as a result of criticism about her ‘bleached hair and ‘paler’ look, pop icon Beyonce ‘blacked up’ in a tribal theme shoot in the French fashion magazine L’Officiel Paris.

For the magazine’s 90th-anniversary issue, Beyonce succumbs to the ‘African look’ wearing head covering, tribal clothes and accoutrements. In the picture below, her creamy skin is made dark by make-up.

The magazine says that Beyonce did the shoot in respect of  ‘African queens’ and as a gesture of returning to her African roots.

[Fashion & Entertainment Contributor]