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May 22, 2011

Osama bin Laden ‘died’ in 2006 and also in 2011 according to former CIA agent – RT.COM

[Jekatarina Putovska, War on Terror Contributor]

RT.COM: According a former CIA agent, Berkan Yashar, an ethnic Chechen now living in Turkey, Osama Bin Laden is in love with dying. That is because, he not only died in 2011, but also in 2006.

Berkan Yashar told Russia‘s Channel One TV station: “I knew Bin Laden’s Chechen guards very well…Samy, Ayub and Mahmud were with him right to the end. I remember well this date as there were three sixes in it – June 26, 2006. Those three men, as well as two Muslims from London and two from the US saw Bin Laden dead.He was seriously ill before his death. He faded away to skin and bone. The three Chechens washed his body before burying it.”

Yashar confirms that on May 2 2011, when President Obama pronounced that Bin Laden had been shot in the eye in Pakistan and dumped into the sea, US officials had found Bin Laden’s grave in the area of the Afghan-Pakistani border and then play-acted his killing in 2011.

Yashar said that he had only disclosed the news to the Russian media, because he had been concerned for his safety had he released the news outside Russia.

May 11, 2011

Son of Bin Laden, Hamza the ‘Crown Prince of Terror’ beckons good fortune for President Obama’s 2012 re-election bid

[US Politics & WOT Analyst, Jenni Kymi]

Next year will be a good year for America’s new superhero – President Barack Obama.

Having by all accounts despatched the elusive Osama bin Laden to a watery grave and now with a Bin Laden, Part II panning out in the shape of news that Mr. Laden’s youngest son and closest confidante, Hamza (aka ‘Crown Prince of Terror’), may have escaped capture at the Abbottabad incident is good news indeed for the president.

That is because, Mr. Obama will be presented with the opportunity, as 2012 looms, to show the American people true resolve in bringing total closure to the Al Queada menace by tracking down and nutralizing Hamza and the remaining Al Queada network, now presumably in Pakistan. In addition, why not a ‘war on terror‘ kind-of -thing with Pakistan? After all they seem to have kept Bin Laden secretly in their bosom for more than 10 years whilst he was being watched by US officials with the assistance of Pakistani intelligence, or the Pakistani government, or both of them (Sounds strange?  Well that’s how the facts are emerging). All that certainly wouldn’t go amiss as it would fit in very well with the innate conservatism of Americans when the USA is at war – never get rid of the incumbent president as it sounds like defeat. Worked for George W Bush with Iraq and by gum, it will work for Mr. Obama.

May 7, 2011

Update 7th May 2011 – killings in Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Bin Laden’s plans to attack the USA

[Military Analyst Contributor, Sam Trowell]


Kandahar, Afghanistan is a hotbed of fighting between militants and government supporters. They have attacked the governor’s office, the country’s spy agency (AIA) and a police station. Around 22 people have been killed in the attacks which have included at least six suicide blasts. The Taliban have claimed responsibility.


Attackers burn many houses in the village of Bauchi state, Nigeria killing at least 16 people who are believed to have been Christians. As Bauchi belongs to Nigeria’s region which separates the Muslim north and the Christian south, it is an area of much tension between the two sides involving power struggles.


Reports on the Syria people protests situation are claiming that troops and tanks are moving into the Syrian city of Baniyas which has been the hub of anti-government protests. More than 800 protestors have been executed by the Syrian government since the demonstrations started two months ago.

Bin Laden

US Officials studying material taken from Bin Laden’s apartment are confirming that after 10 years of no attacks upon the USA, he had been planning to put the American railway system under 911-type attacks imminently and it is feared that if he had not been killed in Abbottabad, the USA and the world would have been in the greatest danger.

After further study of the Bin Laden materials, the US Officials plan to debrief their administration and the world on the other attacks that had been planned by Bin Laden. In the meantime, various blogs purposting to be Jihadist, or from the leadership of Al’ Qaeda, are confirming Bin Laden’s death which, according to the US Officials are more or less conclusive that he was killed in the daring raid by unnamed Navy SEALs at his private quarters near the Pakistani military training college and the Pakistani security services headquarters in Abbottabad.

May 4, 2011

Bin Laden death photos

by, John Dweitke,  USA News Contributor

The report of Bin Laden‘s execution, according to the multitude of conflicting accounts of how this happened, is descending into the category of fairytale stories according to an increasing number of Americans and worldwide observers.  Why was his body buried so quickly, why are there so many conflicting accounts about the incident from those who participated in it, why no photos, why the quickest burial ever  known to a person of  Bin Laden’s notoriety and why was the hard evidence buried so irretrievably at sea? All these questions are contributing to Internet’s biggest sensation for all time.0

Hopefully, when the Obama administration decides to release consistent accounts of the events and reliable photos to back them up, the controversy will subside. In the meantime, it seems to be continuing at full force and at an alarming rate. So much so that the significance of the event could be lowered to that of one of the greatest perceived fictions of all time if the Obama administration does not react soon and credibly.

May 2, 2011

President Obama executes Bin Laden and orders body to be quickly buried at sea

New York Times:  According to the account of  President Obama in a televised broadcast to the nation on May 1st 2011, Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Mr. Obama said that the reclusive Bin Laden was killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan following a sting operation conducted by CIA and military operatives which had been authorised by him.  Bin Laden is reported to have been shot in the eye and his body quickly buried at sea.

Americans greeted the news with public rejoicing in Times Square at the Ground Zero site and in downtown Washington tooting horns abounded.

Mr. Obama said: “For over two decades, Bin Laden has been Al Qaeda’s leader and symbol….the death of Bin Laden marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat Al Qaeda. But his death does not mark the end of our effort. There’s no doubt that Al Qaeda will continue to pursue attacks against us. We must and we will remain vigilant at home and abroad.”

Why his body was disposed off so quickly, bearing in mind the significance of his execution remains a mystery and will be sure to cause more controversy in light of the ‘birther’ and ‘grader’, and ‘Hawaii State authentication’ issues that are facing the president.  It is reported that skeptics of the event are saying that the announcement by the president may be a last ditch ploy to save his plummeting popularity, but Mr. Obama’s supporters are hailing the news as a trump card for the besieged president  facing an election challenge in 2012 which, by  all accounts so far, he will lose.

[US Politics Contributor]