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May 26, 2011

Strong, beautiful and sexy, WTA’s new ad campaign says it all

[Linda Laville, Sports Contributor]

The Women’s Tennis Association‘s (‘WTA’) new global ad campaign “Strong is Beautiful”, showing 38 contemporary and upcoming women tennis stars is making Internet waves due to its highly-charged sexual undertones.

The campaign’s video and photo shoots, some of which are featured here, are going viral by all accounts and are set to be shown via all known and available media outlets including TV and social media sites. It is intended to be driven over 80 markets in the next two years.

And yes, it is sexy. Working from the themes: ‘athleticism and grace’, ‘strong is beautiful’,  the featured tennis stars have been made into the  most-followed household names on the planet.

The WTA says the hard-impact ad campaign is designed to support its drive for stronger contacts with fans worldwide and to advertise upcoming stars as well as contemporary ones.

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May 6, 2011

Russian schoolgirl beats her girl friend mercilessly and forces her to eat dog faeces while classmates take video

[Irina Kmoskova, Russia News Contributor]

RT.COM:  In the far-eastern Russian city of Yakutsk, over twenty schoolchildren met in the school yard to witness a fight between two girl classmates and whilst one mercilessly beat the other over a joke gone wrong, the schoolchildren videod the event without even trying to stop the beating. The beating was so horrific that the crime-incident hardened law enforcement officers viewing a video of the event had struggled to control tears.

The mother of the beaten girl says that she used to be friends with her the other girl who had beaten her, but the girls had had an disagreement a few months ago when teasingly, the beaten girl had poured water over the other’s head which appears to have motivated the attack.

The assaulted girl’s family are considering legal action against her assailant and the police have begun criminal procedures to bring justice to the matter.
February 27, 2011

Police go ‘cookoo’ over cookies

[Anne Wilson, Arts and Current Affairs Contributor]

A cookie-selling Girl Scout Troop in Georgia, USA, were ordered by a policeman to get a peddler’s permit, or stop selling their cookies. The horrified girls had to pack up and turn away customers who were waiting to sample their delicious ware, said the girl’s Troop Leader (Troop 7984). She claims that the incident frightened the girls who thought that their customers were about to be arrested and jailed.

The Mayor has since explained that the incident was caused by an over-zealous police officer and that it was a simple misunderstanding.  He has offered the girls a pizza party and tour of the police department as a gesture.

Who will make the pizza’s, it has not yet been revealed, perhaps the ‘over-zealous’ officer? So far there has been no take-up from Troop 7984.