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June 7, 2011

UK in revolt over creeping rise of EU Commissioners’ power as they impose stealth taxes on British families and reduce EU inward contribution to Britain

[Tonya Gillam, EU News Contributor]

Britain’s greedy EU masters in Europe have gone a tad to far this time with the British in a move that will involve British families paying more than £200 a year apiece directly into the coffers of the unelected Commissioners.

The move is part of another bid to save the troubled Euro, by imposing stealth taxes upon member states and also cutting contributions inward to those states.

Bill Cash, chairman of the Commons European Scrutiny committee  is reported to have said: ‘This kind of attempt to stitch up the British people can only be answered by the simple word: No. The veto must be used…the Prime Minister knows he is heading for a showdown which he can only lose now that the Liberal Democrats are so weak.’

Another MP, Douglas Carswell said: “Eurocrats simply don’t get it..we have been forced this year to increase massively the amount of money we pay to the EU, both in the budget and through the bailouts of eurozone countries, and still they want more…iIf people want good public services and reasonable rates of tax, we need to decide whether it’s possible to remain members of the EU. The time has come to ask: Is it worth all this?’  He is calling , together is a significant number of other MPs, for Britain to leave the EU as a matter of priority.

Well Britain, don’t say you weren’t warned – check out UK Independence Party Leader, Nigel Farage‘s video commentary on the criminal past of the incumbent EU Commissioners – viewer discretion advised as the video is shocking.

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March 29, 2011

Under the noses of Europeans – a creeping and sinister menace

Click on the picture to play the video

[Jooles Klines, EU Affairs Contributor]

MEP and UK Independence Party Leader, Nigel Farage, on the warpath again with the bureaucrats of the European Union. He accuses the drivers of the governmental system to be ‘dangerous people’ who are driving their dream of an integrated Europe at the expense of the ordinary masses.

‘Who the hell are you people?  Who do you think you are? – he says passionately to the blank, empty faces of the onlooking bureaucrats, “…to dictate to (a sovereign state) Ireland when it should have a general election?”.

A wonderful and inspiring performance by this shining light of democratic freedom of the European people. Watch the video and make up your mind. But if you liked the concept of the EU before watching it, you will not be the same after – guaranteed!

March 29, 2011

Shocking controversy in European Union’s employment policy

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[Jooles Klines, EU Affairs Contributor]

Many are becoming increasingly concerned about the double standards obtaining in the European Union’s employment policies.

That is because, whilst it is impossible to get a job in the European Commission if you have a criminal record, this does not seem to apply to the EU’s Commissioners, most of whom appear to have criminal records, or censures for fraud or misconduct in their previous offices.

The Commissioners are the power behind the EU as they initiate EU legislation, pass it and enforce it. However, they are unelected and unrepresentative of all EU citizens.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party gives a summary of the not-so-squeaky-clean resumes of the EU Commissioners. This account is not for the squeamish, or easily offended – you have been warned!

March 1, 2011

Commissioner power in the EU – USSR all over again?

New EU rules under the Lisbon Treaty which come into effect from today give the EU Commission’s unelected Commissioners unpredecented ‘implementing powers’. The EU Commission can now make binding laws and regulations under its ‘comitology’ procedures whereby the detailed implementation of new EU laws is effected without further consultation of the EU Parliament.

More than 100 EU’s Commission’s Committees meet each week to vote and decide on EU law implementation and under the new rules they now have  a virtual carte blanche to decide on the flavour of EU laws that affect all member states. Although by agreeing to the Lisbon Treaty, member states gave  control of  decisions on EU laws over to the Commission, it is feared that the new system will be a disaster for democracy in the EU and member states are now worried.  According to EU Observer, Daniel Gueguen, a leading public affairs consultant, said: “The reason why the new system will be worse is its increasing complexity. The commission gets more power to the detriment of member states and lobbyists”.

Previously, a simple majority of member state experts could stop a Commission proposal on a law implementation matter. It could also choose to move sensitive decisions to the level of  Council of  Ministers.  However, now  the ‘qualified majority’ will be practically impossible to achieve and the ability to move sensitive decisions up to the Council of Ministers level has been made much more difficult.

Member states, like Ireland, Greece, UK and the post-Soviet states of Eastern & Central Europe have recently expressed concern over the creeping power of the Commissioners and have been trying to get back their previous powers all to no avail. An anonymous source of EU Observer, identified as an EU Official said: “Member states woke up way too late. This is what happens when you negotiate a new treaty at 3am.” An EU Official said: “The commission is in control of the agenda and can push its own interests. It can now adopt its own proposals unless there is a qualified majority of member state experts against it.”

As a flavour of what more is to come for EU states under the control of the Commission, here is Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader’s account of ‘Who’s Who in the EU Commission’ – their CVs are interesting to say the least. [EU Affairs Contributor]