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May 31, 2011

Moscow – distinguished ex naval commissar rapes more than 20 children in an orgy of depravation and lust

[John Connintre, Russia News Contributor]

Ex naval commissar Vasily Midtev, head of  the Young Eaglets of the Fleet Patriotic Club in Moscow, has admitted to sexually assaulting more than 10 children in his care between 2006 and 2011.

Predatory Midtev enjoyed the sexual favours of the children frequently, sometimes group sexual encounters took place.

The 51 year old was arrested by Moscow police on May 17 when they had received over 20 complaints from parents that the salacious Midtev had raped their children.

The Young Eaglets  of the Fleet club was established in Moscow around 25 years ago and admits only children under 14. The club teaches seamanship and organizes journeys to regions of Russia.

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May 6, 2011

Russian schoolgirl beats her girl friend mercilessly and forces her to eat dog faeces while classmates take video

[Irina Kmoskova, Russia News Contributor]

RT.COM:  In the far-eastern Russian city of Yakutsk, over twenty schoolchildren met in the school yard to witness a fight between two girl classmates and whilst one mercilessly beat the other over a joke gone wrong, the schoolchildren videod the event without even trying to stop the beating. The beating was so horrific that the crime-incident hardened law enforcement officers viewing a video of the event had struggled to control tears.

The mother of the beaten girl says that she used to be friends with her the other girl who had beaten her, but the girls had had an disagreement a few months ago when teasingly, the beaten girl had poured water over the other’s head which appears to have motivated the attack.

The assaulted girl’s family are considering legal action against her assailant and the police have begun criminal procedures to bring justice to the matter.
April 1, 2011

Karaoke World Championships 2011 – Killarney, Ireland

Latvia‘s Andris Drozdovs is a legend of high-class Karaoke and the organiser of the World Karaoke Championship trials in Latvia. The final event will be held in  Killarney, Ireland between the 8th and 10th of September 2011.

In his home country, Latvia, Andris, popularly known as ‘Mr. Karaoke‘, has transformed what used to be a drunken shouting/ slurring contest for halfwits, into an art form with participants competently dispatching at world-class level, songs ranging from Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s classics to the more raunchy contemporary pieces of Blackeyed Peas and the like.

The trials for the 9th world competition of karaoke singers from all over the world will be held in the 30 or so participating countries and will take place from May until August 2011.  All participants need to be non-professional singers of 18 and over – participation is free. The international finals, this year will be held in Killarney, Ireland.

Karaoke at world championship level is in a league of its own as the talent displayed by the top singer participants is easily equivalent to some of the world greatest performing artists.

The previous World annual ‘KWC’ (Karaoke World Championships) which was held in Moscow, had proved to be the world’s largest and highest-quality musical, or karaoke event.  In 2011, the KWC event will bring in participants from different countries to the Emerald Isle in Killarney –  a must see event for music lovers.

[Music & Media Contributor]

March 29, 2011

News from the other Side – checking out Russia Today..

[Simon Vetrjakov, Russia News Contributor]

Have you ever heard of Russia Today?  Well, it’s the Russian Federation ‘making and breaking’ news portal giving refreshingly alternative views on world developments and Russia in the world today. It’s worth checking out what iToD Daily says…

March 1, 2011

35,000 homeless Moscow dogs breath a sigh of relief over reprieve

AP reports that Moscow city authorities had planned to arrest the city’s estimated 26,000 stray dogs for moving on to a camp outside the city in the nearby Yaroslavl – around 150 miles northeast of the city. However, the dogs are breathing a sign of relief and tails are wagging in Moscow tonight as the authorities have decided to shelve the plans due to complaints from animal rights activists. They had complained that the dogs would have been put in harm’s way from in-fighting and disease that could proliferate in concentated situtations. Dog control has become a major problem for the city as it has around 35,000 homeless dogs who sometimes attack humans.

POPSCI reports that there is a stray dog for every 300 Muscovites and due to the hectic pace of city living, just like humans in fast-moving city life, the dogs have developed wolf-like traits shown up in increased intelligence and advanced city navigation skills – like subway use.

Researchers say that the dogs are gradually losing their domestic dog features, like spotted coats, wagging tails and instinctive friendship with humans and instead are evolving wolf-like characteristics as scavengers, guard dogs, wild dogs and beggars. The beggar dogs appear to be the most advanced. They can not only work out which humans will feed them, but also how to ride the subway to get to their target destinations.

[Russia Contributor]