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June 2, 2011

Parading Queen’s horse killed in front of horrified crowd

[Sandra Higgs, UK News Contributor]

MailOnline: Murphy, one of the Queen’s horses passed away as a result of a horrible accident when he took part in the Royal Gun Salute  today which happens yearly in Britain to celebrate the crowning of the Queen.

The incident occurred today when King’s Troop‘s soldiers were parading when Murphy stumbled whilst running and his legs got caught up in the wheels of one of the carriages on parade. As a result poor Murphy was dragged on the ground for several meters and sustained injuries so severe that he had to be disposed of immediately by lethal injection by a vet who was called to the scene of the incident, with the event’s terrified crowd looking on.

The Queen has made no comment thus far upon Murphy’s demise and it is not known whether a police enquiry will take place as result of the incident.

Murphy was a popular and good-natured horse and it seems, will be sadly missed by his colleagues in the Kings Troops.

May 29, 2011

Racist Irish celebrity hairdresser, James Brown, calls TV present Ben Douglas, ‘Nigger’ 7 times at BAFTA awards

[Petra Jones, Celebrities Contributor]

Popular TV presenter, Ben Douglas, was at a BAFTA event last week at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, where he had been invited to attend the awards.

Apparently, after spotting him with his white companion, James Brown, an Irish celebrity hairdresser and friend of the model Kate Moss, accused Mr. Douglas’s companion of being a ‘nigger‘s bitch’ and then went on to call Mr. Douglas ‘nigger’, not less than 7 times.

A shocked Mr. Douglas confronted Mr. Brown who did not apologise, but repeated the insults.

No one at the party came to the support of Mr. Douglas who remains hurt and shocked by the incident.

May 27, 2011

President Obama’s sinister ‘special relationship’ with the United Kingdom

[Dominic Chatrell, Politics Contributor]

The UK Telegraph’s Peter Oborne writes a telling commentary on the circus surrounding President’s Obama’s recent visit to the United Kingdom. He describes the ‘special relationship’ between the two countries as nothing more than sinister and here’s why.

According to Mr. Osborne, this week’s visit by Barack Obama to the United Kingdom was nothing short of a national embarrassment especially as the mainstream media attention was more devoted to hype, rather than substance. In context, the President’s visit to the British Houses of Parliament in Westminster was certainly pop-starish with an adulating crowd of sycophantic politicians in ‘Mecca-like’ herds rushing to shake the hand of the man who since power has accomplished nothing significantly good and who has perpetrated the wars started by his precedessor, G.W Bush.
The President’s impeccable rhetoric when speaking to the British Parliament pronounced:  “ [we] stand squarely on the side of those who want to be free….longing for human dignity is universal”.  But, not much commenting from listeners there, no hard questions for a President of a country which has departed from the rule of law taking into account the relatively insignificant, in matters of world affairs, but significant in terms of the ‘special relationship’, £5.2 million of outstanding congestion charge fines accumulated by US diplomats in central London.

Amidst the hand shaking and ‘high fives’, no one thought to ask Obama, why, in breach of his election promise he said recently that the illegal prison of Guantánamo Bay and America’s policy of having secret prisons in European countries are to be continued.

No one thought to ask this President of contradictory acts, words and broken promises, why he supports the suppression of the Shia population in Bahrain, as actively assisted by Saudi Arabia. And, why, the most undemocratic country in the middle east – Saudi Arabia – where women are treated like sub-human chattels and are not even allowed to drive in the Kingdom just because they are women, is on his ‘best friend’ list.

Again, no one thought to ask the ‘high-fiving’ President about the USA‘s use of the USA’s depleted uranium ordinance in Iraq and Afganistan, now proved to cause countless deformities and cancers in children in those countries and why he supports the use of torture to extract confessions when the overwhelming evidence is that it does not work. Again, no questions about why he deliberately blocked enquiries from the British judiciary recently regarding the unlawful killing of British forces in the conflict zones in the middle east, by US ‘friendly fire’.

Furthermore, this is a President who has so little regard for human rights and the due process of law that he has publicly stated that the Wikileaks suspect, Bradley Manning, ‘has broken the law’ – even when Mr. Manning has yet to be tried for his alleged crime by a military tribunal in respect to which Mr. Obama is Commander in Chief of the USA armed forces.

Despite all that, UK leaders were falling over themselves in standing ovations and glittering parties to celebrate a ‘special relationship’ which in substance has nothing special about it and in fact committed the UK to a war in Iraq that was not only illegal and costly, but has killed many serving British soldiers.

A special relationship it seems built on the personal ambitions of politicians, not citizens, on both sides of the Atlantic.

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May 25, 2011

Free invitation to prestige UK cloud computing event hosted by Microsoft and Cloud computing has gone viral – that’s official!

To celebrate the advancing technology’s arriving, the Telegraph is offering free invitations to a gala event to be held at London’s landmark ‘Gerkin’ building on June 22nd 2011.

The event is being hosted by the Daily Telegraph and Microsoft and will include speakers from both companies and the government and is proving very attractive as a networking venue for those interested in the latest IT phenomenon.

As from today, there are only 50 places left, so if you are an IT boss in a company employing more than 250 people, apply with good reasons for you to be at the event and you should get in. If you get in, remember to tell the Telegraph that iToD Daily tipped you off!

To apply for a place, click on this link, or the picture above.

Good luck!

May 22, 2011

Osama bin Laden ‘died’ in 2006 and also in 2011 according to former CIA agent – RT.COM

[Jekatarina Putovska, War on Terror Contributor]

RT.COM: According a former CIA agent, Berkan Yashar, an ethnic Chechen now living in Turkey, Osama Bin Laden is in love with dying. That is because, he not only died in 2011, but also in 2006.

Berkan Yashar told Russia‘s Channel One TV station: “I knew Bin Laden’s Chechen guards very well…Samy, Ayub and Mahmud were with him right to the end. I remember well this date as there were three sixes in it – June 26, 2006. Those three men, as well as two Muslims from London and two from the US saw Bin Laden dead.He was seriously ill before his death. He faded away to skin and bone. The three Chechens washed his body before burying it.”

Yashar confirms that on May 2 2011, when President Obama pronounced that Bin Laden had been shot in the eye in Pakistan and dumped into the sea, US officials had found Bin Laden’s grave in the area of the Afghan-Pakistani border and then play-acted his killing in 2011.

Yashar said that he had only disclosed the news to the Russian media, because he had been concerned for his safety had he released the news outside Russia.

May 11, 2011

Assange gets Australian peace prize

[Wikileaks News Contributor,  Zara Kingsley]

Telegraph:  The Sydney Peace Foundation awarded Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, the Sydney Peace Medal at a moving ceremony at the Frontline Club in central London yesterday. It was awarded for: “for exceptional courage in pursuit of human rights”.  

The  Sydney Peace Foundation is a non-for-profit organisation associated with the University of Sydney. It awards the Sydney Peace Prize which is the only International Peace Prize awarded in Australia.  The peace prize is supported by the City of Sydney by funding and active assistance in the humanitarian aims of the foundation.

The director of the foundation, Professor Stuart Rees, said: “By challenging centuries old practices of government secrecy and by championing people’s right to know, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have created the potential for a new order in journalism and in the free flow of information.”

Mr. Assange said that  WikiLeaks mirrored England‘s historic free speech traditions, these go back in the UK to the time of the English Civil War of the 1640……the  real value of this award, and the Sydney Peace Foundation is that it makes explicit the link between peace and justice”.

May 7, 2011

Time to buy as London city real estate market recovers

[Sarah McCraig, Real Estate Market News Contributor]

1888Press Release: While world’s real estate markets continue to go downhill, certain signs show that the property crisis has entered the stage of recovery at some places.

Recent figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) show that property demand increased by 25% in the center of London by the end of 2010. Office space was mostly asked for and the demand had reached its highest point since 2007.

Since October last year, the number of queries from existing office occupants for offices has risen up to eight per cent and the amount of free commercial property has plummeted down to zero, the lowest since 2007.

Stirling Ackroyd, a London real estate agency which rents out offices in Shoreditch, Hackney and Clerkenwell said: “We have seen a surge in enquiries for our commercial property in Clerkenwell, especially for office space. We also have premises to let in other central and London wide areas, and again, demand has recently been very strong. But if you’re looking to find new premises, we’re reassuring our business customers they’re not necessarily going to have huge problems right now. There has been all the media coverage about a shortage of good quality commercial property during the last year. However day in day out, we are still showing business customers around good quality commercial property in Clerkenwell and beyond. It is a good time to make the move providing you’re getting the expert local support you need, despite the jump in demand”.

According to RICS, demand for rental property in London will continue to rise this year, although other UK areas might be far from booming. Still, this London indication may be the first sign that people are starting to have spare money again and while the overall demand is not high enough to set prices afloat yet, it may be a good time for well thought-out investments in this world commercial capital.

May 7, 2011

UK Muslims angry over death of Bin Laden

[Joan Tollings, Politics Contributor]

UK MailOnline: The US Embassy  in London was in uproar yesterday as hundreds of  Muslim activists surrounded the buildings in theatrical mourning of the Al’ Qaeda leader’s death. Placards and slogans like ‘Islam will dominate the world’ were abound and direct terrorist attack threats to the US were voiced.

The central figure in the mass protest action was a scandalous priest Anjem Choudary, a former (now dismissed) UK solicitor and a fierce supporter of the Islamic movement in the United Kingdom, who has publicly announced his approval of the September 11 attacks and July 7 London bombings.

The capital is on full alert now, as protestors’ are threatening that it is only a matter of time’ before a new terrorist attack takes place and that the ‘West is the enemy’.

May 3, 2011

G20 Protester, Ian Tomlinson, gets justice after his unlawful killing by UK Police


[Samuel Evans, UK  News Contributor]

New Statesman: The jury giving the verdict upon the death of Ian Tomlinson, who had been knocked to the ground in an unprovocked attack by the British police during the G20 protests in London in 2009, has concluded that he had been unlawfully killed.  The not-totally-unexpected verdict has made many red faces in the UK Crown Prosecution Service which had decided earlier that there had been no case to answer upon the circumstances of Mr. Tomlinson’s death.

In a blistering attack upon the British police involved in anti-protest control, the jury concluded that it was ‘sure’ that the action of the policeman causing Mr. Tomlinson’s death, was: “excessive and unreasonable…[that Tomlinson had] posed no threat” to the police.

The policeman, PC Harwood, who had been instrumental in the death of Mr. Tomlinson, first said at the hearing that Tomlinson had been obstructing police and had refused to move away at which point, he had  “engaged” him. However, after the evidence had been considered, he agreed that Tomlinson had been obeying officers and had his back turned when he had struck him violently with a baton.

April 29, 2011

Royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William is a big hit!

[Paula Riggs, Royal Wedding Contributor]

The marriage today of the British royal,  Prince William and Kate Middleton has become a world-wide sensation attracting more than 2 billion TV viewers. The couple will be married at Westminster Abbey in the company of a packed audience of celebrities from all over the world.

Attendees at the ceremony include the Beckhams and Sir Elton John. Sadly, there were no invitations for ex prime ministers, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.