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June 9, 2011

Now the rush is on not for the iPhone 5, but for Apple’s swanky new iOS 5

[Jenna Klimes, Technology News Contributor]

Out in Autumn this year, Apple‘s new iOS 5 promises to delight even the most unimpressionable by its stunning display of features designed to uprate the iPhone into a never-seen-before must-have communications marvel.

Practically all the functionality of the existing iPhone OS infrastructure has been upgraded and refined, from notifications, text and photo editing to messaging and media management.

Check it out and give your iPhone a treat…

June 4, 2011

Booming illegal trade in kidney donations in UK and China with some donors getting more that £60,000 per kidney for desperate donees

[Jamie Docherty, Medical News Contributor]

The cash-strapped in England and China are selling their organs to make ends meet, some are asking for USD$100,000 plus and expenses for kidney and other organs desperately needed by wealthy patients.

The donors are using the money for the organs to pay their debts, clear up mortgages and even to get their hands on iPADS (as was the case for a Chinese teenager called ‘Little Zheng’, a 17-year-old boy, who told his local TV network that the sale had been managed over the Internet. The enterprising boy got USD3,392 and a deep red scar for his trouble – BBC News).

MailOnline reports that  in England, would-be ‘donors’, a taxi driver and a nurse, are charging more than £60,000 plus expenses for their kidneys. They accept that they risk jail (as the operation is illegal) and also life-threatening conditions as a result of the operation, but they are adamant that they it is the only practicable option for them to make ends meet.  Kidney sales are lucrative as donors can command large sums for healthy kidneys because of the overwhelming demand for the organs. Only around 2000 of the 8000 or so people in Britain, for example, who need kidney transplants each year, ever get them. Many die before a donor becomes available.

According to Keith Rigg, president of the British Transplantation Society: ‘There are a lot of people desperate to receive and organ and a lot of people deep in poverty and desperate to get money and this is one potential way they see of doing that….but I would advise them not to do it because it is illegal. And if they are going abroad for the donor operation there is a risk they won’t get the necessary follow-up and there is a risk of dying from that.’

April 22, 2011

Horrified users learn that their Iphone is stealthily tracking their every move

[Kent Ashdown, Technology News Contributor]

GottaBeMobile: From ‘not good’ to ‘nicht gut’, Iphone users world wide are up in arms after learning that their cherished ‘must-have’/ ‘can’t do without’ gizmo is secretly tracking their every move without their perceived consent.

It is now common knowledge that Apple logs all its  iPhone and iPad users’ movements to help it generate more ‘hitting’ ads.  By buying, or contracting a 3G iPhone, or iPad, each user gives Apple permission to track their movements. The secret tracker App can be downloaded by clicking on this link for those who want to check out how much Apple knows about their every move. 

According to GeekWire, Apple’s privacy policy says (page 37 of 45):-

We may collect information such as occupation, language, zip code, area code, unique device identifier, location, and the time zone where an Apple product is used so that we can better understand customer behavior and improve our products, services, and advertising.

April 13, 2011

Leading investor, Joichi Ito, says: ‘If you put a lot into your idea, you cannot fail’

[Anna Sergijenko, MCIoJ, Business News Contributor]

Joichi Ito, a serial investor, businessman and the founder of Creative Commons, the  internationally known non-profit organization which issues  free-of-claims  copyrights to creative individuals and companies. He recently shared his experience with BBC News.

According to Mr. Ito, the key to success is a non-standard idea coupled with tenacity and dedication.

“Every single company I did failed,” he said about his first decade as an entrepreneur. However, Mr. Ito’s  innovative ideas lead him to great success:  he has  invested  into many widely known social networking and software businesses such as Flickr, Six Apart and Twitter. An outspoken supporter of sharing economy and the important role of the Internet in shaping democratic processes, he was chosen by the World Economic Forum in 2001 as one of the “Global Leaders for Tomorrow’.

In general, his investor’s choice is in favour of online businesses. Unlike any others, which are encumbered by financial and other copyright-related issues, internet businesses according to Mr. Ito ‘are based on these open standards that allow interoperability and people to participate without asking permission, people to innovate without asking permission.’

Joichi Ito is generally known to be a man of wide interests and and a sharp eye for non-material things as such. The idea to develop social networking came to him, while observing young people in Chicago nightclubs where he worked as a DJ.

“People and communities and networks are what I’m interested in,’ he says. ‘I realised that in the sort of working-class community of the nightclubs there was a lot of very interesting stuff going on… The communities, people caring for each other.’