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May 27, 2011

Shocking Home Office report reveals that in Britain every 20 minutes a child is sexually abused

[Tony Whitehill, Criminal News Contributor]

MailOnline:  There is something horribly sick about British adults as a recent report out by the UK Home Office reveals that last year every 20 minutes in Britain, a child was sexually abused. In fact sex crimes against kids in the United Kingdom last year reached total of 23,000 (64 offences a day), but the figures are thought to be conservative.

The victims were mostly high school students, although 1000 crimes involved kids too young to go to school. One in four victims was under 18.  Most  of the sex abuse was perpetratred by friends, family members and carers.

NSPCC, a children’s charity organization, has expressed grave concern and urged the authorities to take immediate action in order to save future victims and track the offenders down.

As a measure of tackling sex criminals and making clear the true scope of the problem,  sex offender identity revelation scheme has been introduced in England and Wales so far and a special governmental report on the sexualisation of children is going to be made public soon.

April 17, 2011

Horror of tortured rabbits in UK lab

[Jo Rodriguez, Crime & Science Contributor]

MailOnline:  Britain is not a safe place for rabbits, according to the finding of an undercover investigation into the practices of the country’s experimental laboratory, Wickham Labs.

According to the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (‘BUAV’) which devoted eight months to secret filming at the Wickam Labs facility in Hampshire, ‘appalling suffering’ was inflicted on thousands of animals by ‘crude, archaic and extremely cruel’ tests.

The investigation found that the lab’s rabbits, which are used to test antibiotics, blood filters, etc., routinely were starved for over 30 hours, denied of food and then held in vices and fed with drugs which made them visibly traumatized.  Many had the test materials injected into their ears which gave them ‘weeping’ eyes and permanent ear damage and sometimes the animals were subjected to large temperature probes being inserted into their anuses and kept there for many hours.  Those that survived the routines, were simply re-used and kept in stark metal cages.

BUAV says that the tests are illegal and cruel and do not comply with international law. In addition, the investigation found that the lab’s staff training was sub-standard which encouraged the killing of the animals cruelly. BUAV also says that the non-animal alternatives for experiments had not been given due consideration by the lab.

In contrast to the investigation’s findings, the Wickham Lab’s website says:-

The welfare of the animals at Wickham Laboratories is central to the ethics of the Toxicology department. Many systems are in place to ensure the daily routines of the animals are structured and regular, to meet their environmental, food & drink and enrichment needs.

Many procedures are in place to ensure the system for the welfare of the animals is in continual working order. The animals have environmentally controlled conditions which are monitored regularly, including; humidity and temperature control to suit the particular species. The animals are provided with appropriate food and water and their environment is enriched with toys and hides, giving them the space they need to relax or play.