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June 8, 2011

Scientists link e.coli epidemic to mutation of earlier 2001 bug outbreak in Munster, Germany

[Renate Von Kuznig, Health Contributor]

Wall Street Journal:  Not cucumbers, not sprouts, not tomatoes – what then is responsible for the ongoing deaths (up to 28 or so) and the thousands being made ill by the e.coli infections hitting Germany and frightening the world?  The culprit it seems is to be none other than an evolved and extremely toxic version of a bug first identified in Münster, Germany, way back in 2001 say scientists.

According to Alexander Mellmann at the University Hospital of Munster: “Everything we know so far indicates it is an evolved strain…if it was completely unknown, we’d struggle a lot more in our effort to fight it.”

Researchers at BGI and University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf researchers who seem to agree with Dr. Mellmann after looking at material belonging to the 2001 and 2011 strains of the bug and found that seven genes crucial to both bugs’ existence are the same as well as 12 others.

The 2001 outbreak had affected around five identified people world-wide and had never really been identified and eradicated and the scientists’ genetic analysis has shown up that as the earlier bug has interacted with the newer one, it has become stronger and is practically drug-resistant.

Nearly all the 2700, or so cases of the bug infection and associated deaths can be traced back to Germany.

May 31, 2011

Brave muslim woman cuts of rapist’s penis and hands it over to shocked police as evidence

[Silvana Shaktar, Muslim Affairs Contributor]

MailOnline:  Monju Begum, 40, who lives in Bangladesh, claims that when Mozammel Haq Mazi broke into her house and tried to rape her, during the attack she managed to cut off his penis and struggle free and run off to a nearby police station where she handed the penis over to shocked officers for forensic tests and as evidence.

The police said that the woman had painstakingly wrapped the penis in a plastic bag when she delivered the organ to them. They later on handed the penis over to hospital authorities who tried desperately to re-attach the dislocated organ to Mozammel unsuccessfully and have now discarded it.

It is not known whether the penis rejected the man, or vice versa during the operation.

Mozammel, who is now in hospital recovering, said that he was having an affair with the woman who had become angry with him when he refused to move in with her. It was then, he alleges, that she brutally cut off his manhood and ran away with it.

The married man and father of five children is due to be arrested and brought to court once he has recovered from the loss.

May 25, 2011

Georgia’s legacy of arsenic poisoning is killing hundreds of its children

BBC News: Recent scientific research have shown that hundreds of Georgian children are being made seriously ill and some are being killed from the country’s legacy of arsenic poisoning.  The research discovered that the arsenic production sites which had been discontinued after the Soviet Union fell, are now leaking highly toxic substances into the environment.

The area most affected is Uravi in north-west Georgia. However, Georgian authorities have failed to warn the residents of the serious harm the substances are doing to do to their children.

According to Giorgi Khachidze, environment minister, the government knows about the problem, but with its economy severely depressed, the country does not have any resources to put things right. He said: “All over the country we have the legacy of pesticides, landmines, abandoned factories, sources of radiation. Every day we get information about something and we just don’t have the money to sort out all these in a day.”

Arsenic is a deadly poison and can cause death, cancer, skin thickening. liver and digestive disease. It is difficult to treat as it is odourless and flavourless.

[BBC video – click to play]

May 6, 2011

“Top O the mawning toya!” – oral surgery gives USA woman Irish accent

[Joss Kliener, Health and Medicine Contributor]

Huffpost Health: Karen Butler is Newport, Oregon‘s biggest Irish celebrity although she is 100% American.  The reason for that is after having oral surgery around a year ago, she went home with an Irish accent which has since been the talk of town and a cause of amusement and delight for herself, family and friends.

Doctors say that the cause of her Irish accent may be due to a very rare affliction called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which is set off by brain trauma, or a stroke. According to Dr. Ted Lowenkopf, of the Providence Stroke Center in Oregon: “It’s so rare — less than 100 cases ever reported — that the average neurologist, even a stroke neurologist, would not see a case in their lifetime.”

To listen to her new and old voices, click on the photo above.

April 22, 2011

US Men have 65% risk of mouth cancer from oral sex

[Mitchell Tuckfield, Health News Contributor]

AOLNews: Although large number of American women and girls are now innoculated against HPV, or human papillomavirus, researchers are finding that men who come into contact with the virus when performing oral sex on women have a 65% risk of getting oral cancer which is on the rise in America.

In 2007, according the the US National Cancer Institute, more than 65 percent of the cases of oral cancer were linked to the HPV virus. Only half of those diagnosed with the disease survive for more than five years.

To read more, click on this link….

April 15, 2011

Sorry for the bad news, but optimism does not prolong life say researchers

[Joanne Reeves, Medicine and Health Contributor]

RT.COM: Researchers at the University of California, Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin, say that they now know which factors a person can mobilise to make them live longer.Their conclusions came from the results of a study that had begun in 1921 when the lives of 1,500 children had started to be watched by researchers.

The research concludes that happy people on average do not live as long as the unhappy ones. It is the emotionally stable who have longer lives.  That is because optimists are more likely to take risks, which emotional stability is good for psychological and physical health.  Marriage is beneficial for men’s physical condition, the study found additionally, but does not matter all that much to women’s health and single women tend to live for as long as married ones.

The study also found that:-* workaholics live longer than slouchers;
* the longest living men are those who have lived all their lives married to the same woman
* divorced and twice-married men do not live for as long as unmarried men
* helping others and your community contributes to long life
* long life is attributed to the feeling of being protected.
So if you want to increase your lifespan, become a workaholic, marry (and stay with) your childhood sweetheart, help others, be emotionally stable, get someone to love and protect you and avoid being too happy!
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April 2, 2011

Weed cure for skin cancer

According to a recent BBC News report, the common weedpetty spurge‘ found in most gardens can cure skin cancer. A study involving 36 patients with skin cancer who had to apply the weed on their skins once a day showed that within a month almost 85% of the cancer had disappeared! It seems that was due to a substance called ingenol mebutate which is in the sap of the weed which not only kills the cancer cells but also encourages the activity of the white blood cells in our body that destroy residual cancer cells that could allow tumours to re-emerge.

However, folks don’t rush out to try the herb out without your medic’s approval as its sap ‘results in extreme inflammation and can lead to hospitalisation’, say doctors.

[Health & Medicine Contributor]

April 2, 2011

Rogue genes allow cancers to spread

A  Telegraph report finds that medics are now saying that we are all born with a special gene in our bodies whose purpose is a mystery, but which multiplies in the body at the time when a cancerous tumour starts spreading in our bodies.

This is what eventually kills cancer patients. If a tumour stayed in the same place it would just be a simple case of removing it with surgery every time. If we can restrict this gene before it has started working then it will provide a window of opportunity to stop the cancer from spreading,” says Dr. Andrew Chantry, who is excited that his research findings could catapult into being a new generation of drugs in the next 10 years that will stop the aggressive spread of most of our cancers…

[Health & Medicine Contributor]

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March 24, 2011

Japan radiation scare – there is a cure now for lethal irradiation

The catastrophic events at Japan‘s nuclear facility in Fukushima has affecting the whole world as a result of the high levels of radioctive elements being emitted from the plant and being carried to countries thousands of miles from the country.

As a result, all over the world now, people are rightly frightened for their cancer risks as a result of the ensuing radiation contamination.  However, there is good news on the horizon.

According to a recent report of Israel News, medication exists that can cure even a lethal dose of radiation.

The astonishing discovery was made by a group of AmericanIsraeli scientists, led by Professor Gudkov, within a US and Israel governments’ financed research project on the impact of radiation on human health.

The idea behind the discovery was to make living cells protect themselves by stopping a natural cell self-destruction mechanism programmed in our DNA, which gets activated when cells are given an external signal.

The new drug substantially lowers the activity of the special cell proteins that send the signals that instruct the cell to die. Therefore, although no matter how large the radiation dose may be, the cells can continue to exist via this intervention.

The verification tests comprised irradiating several hundreds of animals with the highest dose of radiation sustained by humans so far:  up to the lethal amount got by many Chernobyl workers  in 1986.  Seventy percent of the irradiated animals died and those who survived got sick. However, most of those injected with the ‘protein stimulant’ survived, and, all the more,  remained  completely healthy.

Tests on humans without irradiating them have shown no side-effects so far, and, if  further testing  continues in the same promising way, it is possible that in a few years’ time the drug will launched in mass production.

[Health Contributor]

March 14, 2011

Living forever – the reality is here right now!

Want to live forever? Well, a  BBC News report says you can. Not only can you go on and on, but your ageing can be reversed!  The reason you can it seems is that the caps of chromosomes that are in the nuclei of cells can be manipulated and re-programmed to produce dramatic de-ageing.

Curious? Read more now and let us have your views….