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April 5, 2011

“Salford Stallion” goes to jail after child sex romps

[Ken Yarn, UK Crime News Contributor]

BBC New Manchester: The self-styled ‘Salford Stallion’, otherwise known as Christopher Drake, 29 of Monton in Manchester has been jailed for six years for his sexual escapades with children.

Mr. Drake was a PE teacher at a school in Greater Manchester where he was Assistant Head and had sex with two 14 year old girls and another who was 16.  He admitted 18 instances of improper conduct with children.

The ‘Stallion’ was discovered as a sexual predator when two of this abusers found out that he was interfering with them at the same time and made a fuss about it.  The judge sentencing him said that he had been justly  found out in: ‘spectacular fashion’.