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June 9, 2011

American child doctor, Earl Bradley, videos his rape of around 100 toddlers who were his patients

[Jenny Brightly, US Crime News Contributor]
What’s On Xiamen: American pediatrician, Dr. Earl Bradley, who practised in the state of Delaware is now on trial for allegedly raping 86 toddlers over a period of more than 10 years. All were his patients and of his victims, only one was not female. He has entered a plea of not guilty to all 24 charges against him.

The families of the victims who were shown the doctor’s stash of videos recording the rapes were horrified and a forensic computer engineer testifying said: “They were beyond anything I had ever witnessed. Nothing prepared me for it”.

Bradley, a married doctor with four children was practising from 1994 up to his arrest in 2009.

He is expected to get life imprisonment.

May 27, 2011

Shocking Home Office report reveals that in Britain every 20 minutes a child is sexually abused

[Tony Whitehill, Criminal News Contributor]

MailOnline:  There is something horribly sick about British adults as a recent report out by the UK Home Office reveals that last year every 20 minutes in Britain, a child was sexually abused. In fact sex crimes against kids in the United Kingdom last year reached total of 23,000 (64 offences a day), but the figures are thought to be conservative.

The victims were mostly high school students, although 1000 crimes involved kids too young to go to school. One in four victims was under 18.  Most  of the sex abuse was perpetratred by friends, family members and carers.

NSPCC, a children’s charity organization, has expressed grave concern and urged the authorities to take immediate action in order to save future victims and track the offenders down.

As a measure of tackling sex criminals and making clear the true scope of the problem,  sex offender identity revelation scheme has been introduced in England and Wales so far and a special governmental report on the sexualisation of children is going to be made public soon.

May 24, 2011

UK Government agencies lose £527 million in 2010/2011 to fraudsters

[Benedikt Hoffman, Financial Fraud News Contributor]

International Association for Asset Recovery:  The UK government is proving to be a soft touch for fraudsters as it lost taxpayer‘s money to fraudsters to the tune of some £527 million in the period 2010/2011 according to KPMG‘s Government Fraud Barometer published this May.

According to the report, in the past year, there was a 142 percent uplift in fraud incidents against government agencies.

Whereas, the high level of fraud incidents against government agencies had decreased in 2007/2008 as a result of the government’s focus on value added tax (VAT) cheats which led to a high number of prosecutions in that year, but the focus on tax skimming by fraudsters has returned with a vengence according to recent trends.

Around 114 tax fraudsters were prosecuted in the past year in cases representing around £527 million in thefts (up from £277m in 2008/09).

According to Jeremy Outen, UK Head of Fraud at KPMG: “Financial criminals are now becoming more businesslike and methodical ….The current generation of organized crime is targeting fraud – making payment systems, such as banking, tax and benefits vulnerable to attack…..Traditionally, criminals have relied upon physical acts, such as robbery – they can now commit a fraud and achieve the same returns for much less risk. This is fuelling the audacity and ambition of professional criminals, driving up the size of a fraud…..In addition, technology and large scale processing (such as online or call centers) have made large scale frauds easier to accomplish.”

Read more….

March 29, 2011

Scot in Devon in sex act with horse

[Evan Pedersen, Sex and Relationships Contributor]

Whilst the UK’s Scandinavian neighbours freely legalize sex with animals, this does not apply in Britain where animal sex is still a criminal offence.  An adventurous Scot found this out to his chagrin.

BBC News reports.. A man was caught on a covert infra-red camera performing a sex act on a horse at a stable in Devon. Derek Woods was caught when he triggered alarms at the stable which had been set up by police after they were alerted by the animal’s owner. Woods, 26 and originally from Glasgow, admitted charges of animal cruelty and one of committing a sex act on a horse. Sentencing him to a supervision order, the judge said Woods had acted in a deviant and depraved way.

No details are available of the exact nature of the animal’s injuries, or trauma.  

March 25, 2011

The ‘protection’ racket is back, but this time on the Internet

Cyberprotection racketeering and Cyberbullying are today’s fastest-growing cybercrimes. That is because, in the age of the ‘blog’, it is easy for anyone to publish anything about anybody quickly and damagingly.

If anyone publishes anything negative about you on the Internet, this is certainly likely to affect your business, career prospects and credibility. So vis a vis the posters, you are in a vulnerable position. That is because to get to the reputation-bashing perpetrators normally takes a lot of money, time and a court order as they tend to hide behind ‘message boards’ and say that the offending comments have been posted anonymously and at the same time manage to arrange unsolicited offers from ‘consultants’, to fix/ repair your online reputation for hard cash.

If you decide to go after the actual perpetrators and win, getting money out of them will certainly be an issue. But take heart, all is not hopeless…read on.

One way you can protect your reputation is to complain to your local law enforcement agency for internet crimes. For USA sites, the FBI would be your first port of call.  However, the perpetrators will need to be claiming that you are involved in criminal activity, or have committed a crime for you to get anywhere and you need to have hard evidence of the persons behind the campaign.

In the USA as well as in most jurisdictions, it is a criminal offence for anyone to publish something about someone who they claim have committed a crime, or are involved in criminal activity, when that is not the case. Basically, they are required to either ‘put up’, or ‘shut up’, or face the consequences.  Therefore, your law enforcement people may be able to assist you in getting the offending comments removed, or  by prosecuting the offenders who could go to jail, or face heavy fines.

However, as your cyberstalkers and cyberprotection criminals are likely to be and are normally sociopaths, psychopaths and/ or hardened bandits, they will usually stop at nothing to get to you. So despite your best efforts and that of the law enforcement agencies, expect their campaign to continue with anonymous postings on various ‘consumer protection’ blogs which will serve further the damage to your reputation.

However, the UK courts now provide the remedy of a ‘privacy’ injunction which will stop anyone publishing anything about you whether it is true or not upon pain of arrest and imprisonment.  As most jurisdictions will comply with a UK court order, the measure is a very powerful one for protecting your online reputation. However, the measure is not cheap and professional advice should be sought as to its efficacy  as far as you would be concerned.

Fraud Protection Sites & the Cyberprotection Racket

There are many fraud protection blogs on the Internet these days. The majority offer to provide a free screening service for anyone looking to check up on a potential business partner, employee, or service provider.

Many such sites, like RipOff Report, or Complaints Board, provide such a comprehensive reference source for checking up especially as they publish complaints from members of the public claiming to have been ‘ripped off’, or cheated by financiers, etc, and vice versa.  However, do be warned that these sites  do not verify any of the postings. So basically, at some flicks of anyone’s keyboard, you and your company could have their names instantly rubbished and there would not be much that you could do to defend yourself.

In particular, do beware of those fraud sites which are also linked to companies providing the same services as the financiers they seek to discredit as they are no more than hate sites aiming to narrow down the competition. In many cases they are linked to ‘cyberprotection’ racketeers who will certainly demand you to pay up for the ‘pain’ to stop.

One such site is: Quatloos, or Quatloosia which was founded by and is managed by Jay Adkisson and Chris Riser whose law firm, Riser Adkisson LLP runs an investments service. In fact, both partners are themselves involved in deceptive practices to run their business. A case in point is that they are putting out that Mr. Riser is a qualified UK solicitor so as to make their law practice more attractive it seems. However, Mr. Riser has never been so qualified.

Here is what the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority had to say when approached by our Fraud News Contributor:-

1)” …I can confirm that I have viewed the website link (…..this has been forwarded to our Fraud Intelligence Unit and Regulatory Investigations….

Bev Hunter
Solicitors Regulation Authority
Phone : 0870 606 2555
Fax : + 44 (0) 207 320 5964
Email :
Website :


2)”..Thank you for your email of 02 March 2011.

I have checked the records held by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) for a Mr Christopher Michael Riser and can confirm that he has never held a practicing certificate.

I hope this information is helpful. If you have any further queries that you would like to discuss, please contact us by telephone on 0870 606 2555. Our lines are open 09.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday. If you are calling from overseas please use +44 (0) 1527 504450. Please note calls may be monitored/recorded for training purposes. Alternatively you can e-mail us on

Thank you for contacting the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Yours sincerely

Lucinda Jones
Contact Centre Officer
Solicitors Regulation Authority
(: 0870 606 2555
7: 0207 320 5964

Various other complaints about Mr. Adkisson and Mr. Riser can be found on ‘Rip-Off Report and  USA Complaints Board, as well as other consumer complaint sites mainly in the USA. The complaints cover matters like outright theft, malpractice and so on. The attorneys, who were exposed by Dr. Edward Lestrade as falsely holding out Mr. Riser to be qualified as a UK solicitor when he has never held a licence to practice, have since mounted a cyberbullying campaign against  Dr. Lestrade and the company, LLAGROUPEUROPE to which he is associated. Their postings of innuendos and typical unsubstantiated commentary have appeared on their site and various other consumer complaint blogs as posted by them. Both Dr. Lestrade and LLAGROUPEUROPE have reported the matter to the FBI.

Our Fraud News Contributor called the office of the attorneys last week to get an explanation for their bizarre behaviour towards the aggrieved parties but were met with an automated response.

In the meantime, the aggrieved parties have been inundated with approaches from reputation ‘repair’ management consultants who have been offering to perform ‘reputation repair’ services starting from a base fee of $5000. Is this the ‘protection’ racket all over again, but this time in ‘cyberspace’?

So the conclusion is that, if you are looking to check up on a business or individual, if that business, or individual does not show up on consumer complaint sites, that is not necessarily a good thing.  That is to say, should you be so inclined, at a few keystrokes, you too could easily and with considerable impunity rubbish their standing and reputations by a blog posting on a complaint site such as the one run by the attorneys Adkisson and Riser, or indeed any other such site.  The same could happen to you too!

For example, if you go to Complaints Board and search the names of these banks/ financial services and companies as well as individuals below, you will find that they will all have several complaints about them, some trivial, some serious. You may also try searching under your name, or that of you company, or an associate company (large, small, or well-known), you will be surprised what you will find!:-

Therefore, when ‘checking out’ people or businesses , you should certainly rely less on what is posted on these ‘complaint’ sites, but  more on the integrity of the person’s, or businesses’ actual presentation to you.

Help Line – if you are a victim of Cyberprotection, or Cyberbullying, please feel free to contact us at International Times of Dominica for assistance. We may not be able to help you directly, but will certainly know of people who can.

[Fraud News Contributor]

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March 13, 2011

US justice system declares war on HIV

The Root reports that a man in Texas was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for spitting at a police officer and another man, a 19-year-old student from Washington, was jailed for having unprotected sex with his own girlfriend.  The common feature in both of these relatively harsh sentences is that the men were  HIV positive.

More than 34 US states now have criminalized any actions that might possibly result in infecting a person with HIV.  No matter how small the chances are to catch the disease as a result of the offence (like spitting on somebody) and whether, or not the virus was actually  transmitted, harsh sentences for the HIV-infected seem to be the order of the day in the USA.

Depending on which state it is, actions that might infect someone are likely to be punished just as severely as a failure to act (e.g. to inform your partner of your condition) in order to prevent others from getting  infected. States are now taking to registering HIV-positive ‘criminals‘ in the National Sex Offenders’ Registry with no regard to the nature of the crime committed, which means that the whereabouts of the offenders are likely to get carefully monitored.

With more than one million people in the USA are officially HIV, or AIDS-ridden and with 40,000 HIV infections happening each year, these protective measures seem to be the start of a two-tier criminal justice regime – one for the non HIV-infected, one for the infected. The next step, bells for the HIV-infected? Who knows, as the US criminal justice system struggles to cope with this unprecedented problem.

[Medical Law Contributor]