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April 19, 2011

Dominica historian and social scientist, Dr. Lennox Honeychurch, achieves $500,000 award for excellence

[Dr. Edward Lestrade, Dominica News Contributor]

DA Vibes Newspaper: At a well-attended ceremony in Trinidad  on the 9th of April 2011, Dr. Lennox Honeychurch, a distinguished Dominica-born historian and social scientist, was awarded the Anthony N Sabga Caribbean Award for Excellence which carries a $500,000 prize.

Lennox was born in Dominica in 1952 and attended the St. Mary’s Academy secondary school. I attended the school with him and knew him then as one of the most popular, participative and studious members of the school.

Later on in life, Lennox won a scholarship to Oxford University and there he gained a D.Phil (Doctor of Philosophy) at the university’s  St. Hughes’ College. Thereafter, he could have gone anywhere in the world to further his career, but instead,  chose to return to his cherished island home country of Dominica, which he has served tirelessly and with great enthusiasm for all of his life thus far.

I met Lennox a few years ago in his birth town of Portsmouth where he was lecturing overseas students on the rich cultural heritage of Dominica. Then, his enthusiasm and eloquence in respect to all matters concerning Dominica were visible aspects of his delivery and had kept his audience practically spell-bound.

Lennox, in his acceptance speech, is quoted by DA Vibes newspaper as saying that instead of choosing to emigrate to more developed countries: “to wake at 6 am, in the cold, and then to take the subway in New York, or the Tube in London, to get to work”, Caribbean people should, like him,  opt to stay at home to realise, as he has done, the potential of their islands.

Lennox has authored many books, of which: ‘The Caribbean People’ is the most popular in the region.

The Anthony N Sabga Foundation is unique in the Caribbean and serving to promote excellence in the arts, sciences and public/ civic contributions, it give annual/ bi-annual prizes for those it considers to be meriting in the fields.  The foundation is owned by the ANSA McAL Group of companies. Since 2006 the awards have been given twice yearly, but this year was the first time the awards were made yearly.  According to the Foundation, the move was principally a function of the current world recessionary climate and also to allow it to devote more time to finding deserving candidates.

My personal congratulations to Lennox is: “Well done Lennox, a prize extremely well-deserved for all you are doing for Dominica”.

April 10, 2011

Nature island of Dominica suffers ‘demonic’ invasion

[Helena Perez, Dominica News Contributor] Following incidents at schools in the Caribbean island of Dominica where normally well-behaved children have erupted into violent and bizarre behaviour, Dominicans are fearing that a satanic attack has been launched on the island’s school system.

There was yet another strange happening during the middle of last week at a school in the north of the island when three students were reported to have displayed paranormal behaviour.  Fear and panic gripped the school in the town of Portsmouth when three girls began to scream without any apparent reason and commenced ransacking their classrooms. Teachers and students had run from the school in fear during the incident which had brought the entire school to a standstill.

In March this year at a school in the island’s capital, Roseau, more or less the same thing happened and the children involved had been submitted for psychiatric evaluation.  Past years have also witnessed similar events with some saying that the children has spoken in ‘tongues’ at the incidents.

Local doctors are describing the events as being due to ‘mass hysteria‘. However, residents are saying that the patterns of behaviour specifically show some form of demonic possession.

April 10, 2011

Large leatherback turtle visits nature island of Dominica to lay eggs

[Helena Perez, Dominica News Contributor]

Residents of Marigot, a coastal town in the island of Dominica reported the sighting of a large leatherback turtle last Friday. It appeared to be laying eggs on the beach.

Many species of turtle visit the nature island of Dominica often to lay their eggs and are protected by local laws. They can weigh up to 2000 pounds and can be up to 8 feet long.  Leatherbacks, like all turtles, live to a very long age and are thought to have inhabited the Earth for more than 100 million years.

April 6, 2011

April 7th – 9th 2011, jazz is exploding in Russia

[Helena Perez, Musical Events Contributor]

RT.COM: Billed to be one of the hottest musical extravaganzas in Russia this year, the music festival, LeJazz kicks off in the country for the seventh time on April 7th at Philharmonic Shostakovich in St. Petersburg, and then continues on to Moscow on April 8th at the Palace on the Yauza and April 9th at the 16 tons club. Ticket enquiries can be made to:  (don’t forget the country code) 644 22 22, 258 00 00.

­Performing artists include clarinetist David Krakauer who has demonstrated his artistry already in The Kronos Quartet and Tokyo String Quartet.  He will be a guest soloist of other bands as well as his own band, Klezmer Madness.  Attendees will be treated to exquisite renditions in the style of jazz, rock, funk and hip-hop.

China Moses, the daughter of the one and only Dee Dee Bridgewater and  filmmaker Gilbert Moses will be performing also.  China has been a jazz singer from early childhood and has diversified to the genres of rap, R’n’B and was a news anchor with MTV recently.  China is promised to be the one to watch!   Also performing will be the group “Les doigts de l’homme” which was established in 2002 by Olivier Kikteff, a self-taught guitarist wonderfully addicted to a wide array of musical genres. His band has recorded five albums and toured more than half of Europe.

It is rumoured that the Caribbean star, Julie Mourillon, the creator of the new sound craze, Cadence-lypso, which is igniting the Caribbean, French and niche European music scenes will also be starring at the event although this is yet be confirmed by the organizers.

Cadence-lypso is a  fusion of Dominican and Caribbean/ Latino rhythms and has totally revolutionized the music scene in its genre and is now the main dance music of Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and other French Creole Caribbean islands.

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March 30, 2011

Online Arbitration and Mediation – slow justice gets faster!

Worried about when your case will be heard by a court, how long the trial will take and what happens if the other side appeals? Well,  worry no more as if your case is a commercial one it can be heard and decided with no appeal allowed 100% online via an online arbitration court such as Online International Arbitration Court .

OIAC decides its cases by 100% online/ written submissions only. This means that the huge costs of personal attendance of the parties, their representatives and witnesses are avoided. It is regulated by the laws of Wyoming, USA and the New York Convention for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards.

The court, provides arbitration in jurisdictions covered by the New York Convention which includes the Caribbean area and in that regard its judgments are enforceable worldwide. In addition, where the parties agree, OIAC can offer mediation as an alternative to litigation.

OIAC is staffed by registered arbitrators and promised to provide a  fast and efficient process for dispute resolution. Its website is: and it encourages applications from professionals who wish to join the court as registered arbitrators and mediators.

[Law & Courts Contributor]

March 29, 2011

Shocking controversy in European Union’s employment policy

Click on the picture to view the video

[Jooles Klines, EU Affairs Contributor]

Many are becoming increasingly concerned about the double standards obtaining in the European Union’s employment policies.

That is because, whilst it is impossible to get a job in the European Commission if you have a criminal record, this does not seem to apply to the EU’s Commissioners, most of whom appear to have criminal records, or censures for fraud or misconduct in their previous offices.

The Commissioners are the power behind the EU as they initiate EU legislation, pass it and enforce it. However, they are unelected and unrepresentative of all EU citizens.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party gives a summary of the not-so-squeaky-clean resumes of the EU Commissioners. This account is not for the squeamish, or easily offended – you have been warned!

March 26, 2011

International Times of Dominica – recruiting now

International Times of Dominica is looking for a Classified Ads. Manager. The position is based online and your duties will be to source local and international advertisements for the portal.  Remuneration is negotiable and the position starts immediately.

We are also looking for experienced moderators and features contributors – worldwide applications are welcome.

To apply, send us your CV and a covering letter.

March 22, 2011

Earthquakes in Afganistan and Dominican Republic

Afganistan Yesterday at around 9.49AM UTC an earthquake measuring 5.8 in size struck the Badakhsan Province of Afganistan which has a population of 0.6 million. No casualties have been reported.

Dominican Republic

CNN: At around 12.35 AM on Saturday, the Dominican Republic was stirred by a magnitude 5.6 earthquake on early Saturday according to the U.S. Geological Survey. It said. Around 95 miles southeast of the country’s capital, Santo Domingo, was affected. No significant damage has been reported and there were no casualities.

[Natural Disasters Contributor]

March 16, 2011

EU commits millions to foreign countries in grants whilst imposing ‘austerity’ measures for member states

The European Union’s current policy of giving millions in grants to foreign countries whilst at the same time imposing stringent austerity measures on all member states due to the financial crisis, is in trouble it seems.

Whilst the EU was imposing severe austerity measures for public spending cuts, etc., on member states including UK, Ireland and Greece, as recent as January 26, 2011,  the Caribbean island of Jamaica benefited from the EU’s  EUR28.87million grant to assist the country’s budgetary shortcomings.  Additionally, at the start of 2010, with the global financial crisis well in its course, the EU approved EUR230 million in grants to African and Caribbean countries, the funds being a portion of the  EUR 500 million grants plan the EU had agreed last August as part of a general aid package for the region.  “Developing countries were hit hard by the crisis due to their poor resilience to external shocks. This has left funding gaps in many … governments’ budgets,” EU Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid Karel de Gucht said in a statement. The 3rd Africa-EU Summit held in November 2010, which interestingly enough was held in Libya, reported that aid programs that had been signed between the EU and Africa for the period 2008-2010 were up to EUR1.5 billion.

Whilst EU citizens are not denying that the countries in receipt of these cash injections are deserving,  they are complaining and angry over their packaging as grants, not loans, which will never be paid back when EU member states have to repay ‘bail out’ packages dished out to them by the EU to stave off their economic collapse.  Furthermore, as the conditions surrounding the ‘bail-outs’ loans given by the EU to its troubled member states which require them to dramatically cut public expenditure, some countries, like Latvia and Bulgaria, may not even be able to afford to pay social and retirement benefits to their citizens.

In Ireland and Greece, both hit hard by the financial crises and which had to be ‘bailed-out’ by the EU, austerity measures are leading to civil unrest with politicians saying that they are untenable by their severity.   This month, the  Greek EU commissioner, Maria Damanaki, criticised her own institution for the austerity measures saying that they could lead to:  “social degradation” and demanded an alternative program. She said: “We have been too shy with the growth and job part of our resolve. While no one could deny the need for fiscal consolidation, one could have aimed at a better balance between austerity and growth.”

As for Ireland, the UK Telegraph reports that exit polls from Ireland’s 2011 general election held on Friday indicates that the governing party, Fianna Fail (FF), which has been in charge of Ireland for more than 60 years is on its way out. Many are seeing this as the public’s punishment of the government for  its maladministration of the economy in the financial crisis and its poor negotiation of the country’s ‘bail-out’ deal with the EU.

In 2010, Ireland had to accept a £72 billion EU-IMF funds injection to solve the massive public debts that have arisen when it had attempted to save severely troubled Irish banks.  Whilst the bail-out had been essentially for the purpose of saving the Eurozone, its repayment will have a dramatic effect on the living standards of the Irish people.  Analysts are saying that the repayment will take up 85 per cent of Ireland’s income tax income by 2012 and this has angered Irish voters.  Repayments will cost an average Irish family around £3,900 a year in extra taxes. Also, part and parcel of the bail-out’s imposed austerity plan will be a reduction in the country’s minimum wage, savage cuts to public services and more than 90,000 jobs lost. Currently unemployment in Ireland is running at around 14 percent.

[Finance & Economy Contributor]

March 15, 2011

G.O.N Emanuel, distinguished Dominica ex-Chief Magistrate under attack

Dominica Central Newspaper makes a poignant tribute to this active 85 year old Dominican – a distinguised UK and Caribbean lawyer, ex-judge and Chief Magistrate of Dominica and WW2 Royal Navy veteran.

Unfortunately, GON Emanuel is now under attack in his own country, by whom-no-else than the very powers that be.  A recent attack was made on his life (no comment from the PM whose attorney was his ex-law firm partner and who he is claiming stole over 6M ECD from his firm).

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds, many leading Dominicans are worried about law and order on the island and widespread civil unrest if the current government does not come clean over its involvement in the affair. Many are saying the PM Skerritt should resign now and hand the investigation of this case which is sure to involve widespread government corruption to international law enforcement agencies. GON’s nephew, Dr. Edward Lestrade, himself a lawyer, is taking a keen interest in developments and has offered assistance to Mr. Emanuel.

[Dominica Contributor]