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May 23, 2011


April 5, 2011

Afghans continue rage riots over Koran burning – 2 Americans shot

[Ken Thatcher, Middle East and Africa Contributor]
Telegraph: First there was the Rolling Stone report of the wanton killing of Afghan civilians for sport by American servicemen on duty in the country which was quickly followed by the burning of the Koran by a Florida preacher, Terry Jones. All that it seems is proving too much for Afghans who are getting angrier and angrier with their foreign occupiers and their newly-acquired democratic norms especially with regard to ‘freedom of speech and expression’.
Today, the deputy governor of Faryab reported that following demonstrations in Shinwar and other parts of the country, which were attended by thousands of Afghans, two American soldiers had been killed at a checkpoint post where they had been training Afghan police recruits.  The Nato-led occupying force is looking into the matter, but the perpetrator has not yet been identified although he/ she was identified as: “an individual in an Afghan Border Police uniform” according to the Telegraph. More than 12 foreign instructors have been killed in these kind of incidents over 2010. These recent riots in Afghanistan which have been fuelled by the US preacher’s burning of the Koran have claimed more that 20 lives and 150 people have suffered injury all over the country as a result.
Rioting in Jalalabad & Shinwarp
In Jalalabad, around a thousand demonstrators shut off the main road to Kabul and put in fire images of the US pastor responsible for the Koran burning. Shinwar was also affected by the disturbances.
Rioting in Lashkar Gahd
Hundreds of demonstrators were cleared from the streets when shots were fired by the police leaving at least two dead.
Deaths in Kandahard
Twelve people were killed last weekend when protestors stormed the city with Taliban flags shouting “Death to America” and burning cars and set a school on fire.
Beheadings in Maza-e-Sharif
In Maza-e-Sharif, seven foreign workers were killed, two by beheading – all working for the UN. Five Afghans were also killed in the melee surrounding the demonstrations over the Koran burning.