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June 7, 2011

UK in revolt over creeping rise of EU Commissioners’ power as they impose stealth taxes on British families and reduce EU inward contribution to Britain

[Tonya Gillam, EU News Contributor]

Britain’s greedy EU masters in Europe have gone a tad to far this time with the British in a move that will involve British families paying more than £200 a year apiece directly into the coffers of the unelected Commissioners.

The move is part of another bid to save the troubled Euro, by imposing stealth taxes upon member states and also cutting contributions inward to those states.

Bill Cash, chairman of the Commons European Scrutiny committee  is reported to have said: ‘This kind of attempt to stitch up the British people can only be answered by the simple word: No. The veto must be used…the Prime Minister knows he is heading for a showdown which he can only lose now that the Liberal Democrats are so weak.’

Another MP, Douglas Carswell said: “Eurocrats simply don’t get it..we have been forced this year to increase massively the amount of money we pay to the EU, both in the budget and through the bailouts of eurozone countries, and still they want more…iIf people want good public services and reasonable rates of tax, we need to decide whether it’s possible to remain members of the EU. The time has come to ask: Is it worth all this?’  He is calling , together is a significant number of other MPs, for Britain to leave the EU as a matter of priority.

Well Britain, don’t say you weren’t warned – check out UK Independence Party Leader, Nigel Farage‘s video commentary on the criminal past of the incumbent EU Commissioners – viewer discretion advised as the video is shocking.

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March 24, 2011

Portugal in bailout fever as Socrates resigns, Britain to contribute

Channel 4 News: Following Portugal‘s prime minister Jose Socrates‘s resignation after his austerity plan was rejected, analysts are predicting harsh times ahead for the country and also its EU partners, especially the UK.

That is because Socrates had warned the financial-crisis-ridden country that tough time would prevail for it if parliament rejected his austerity budget aimed to stop the country going for a ‘bailout’.

BBC News: In the UK, in the meantime, MP Bill Cash said that the UK would probably have to contribute up to 4bn EUR to bailout the country out of its severe debt situation and government sources have confirmed that the UK would indeed be bound to contribute to Portugal’s rescue under EU law.

MPs are protesting that whilst British residents are reeling from harsh austerity measures that have been imposed by the government as part of an austerity measure to reduce the country’s debt, it is not fair for the country to be forced to bailout other nations.  They are demanding that Britain should extricate itself from EU law that requires it, notwithstanding its own internal financial crisis, to provide bailout cash to other nations.

Mr. Cash said: ‘ (the EU mechanism)…involves the UK underwriting approximately 8bn euros to eurozone countries until 2013″. He is reported to be urging the government to renegotiate Britain’s position at the upcoming summit of EU leaders.

[Financial Crisis Contributor]