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March 1, 2011

High Rise Resurrection CD- music power on the move

‘Resonating music power on the move’ epitomizes B&M Records, run by Maurice ‘Ranger’ Walker, former C&W employee turned producer/songwriter. His company’s motto is: ‘Nothing beats a good song” and that seems to be the case with the success of  the company’s release of the label’s third compilation CD.

The HIGH RISE RESURRECTION CD showcases an array of talent and quality songs that’s bound to strike a cord with music aficionados the world over. The CD’s 14 tracks stand on its own and the compilation is an exquisite must-have for all music lovers. Currently only available digitally via Itunes, Emusic, Rhapsody, Amazon and all leading digital sites, the groovy retro one drop rhythm is currently experiencing a battle for top honours between tracks from L.U.S.T duo Lukie D and Tony Curtis. However,  brilliant efforts by Mitch, George Nooks and veteran Prezident Brown refused to be left far behind.  British songbird Tiffany Vinyard stands tall with her reggae debut as does recordings by Isiah Mentor, Harmony, Anthony Campbell one of the UK’s biggest Artist, Kirk Davis and Bijean Gayle.

HIGH RISE RESURRECTION content was initially featured in part in the 2006 release FRESH VOICES, BIG SONGS VOL. 1, which only featured new, unknown talents. Since then the riddim has undergone tremendous transformation with added riffs, phrases and overall superior production under the spell of a veteran engineer ‘Fatta’ from Fat Eyes label fame. Local and international radio have shown love to the project with heavy rotation being achieved in the UK.

Physical CDs will be available via Stringbean International Records Distribution in the UK ( Tele 44 (0) 2086164570/07963900576). B&M Records can be contacted at