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May 26, 2011

Strong, beautiful and sexy, WTA’s new ad campaign says it all

[Linda Laville, Sports Contributor]

The Women’s Tennis Association‘s (‘WTA’) new global ad campaign “Strong is Beautiful”, showing 38 contemporary and upcoming women tennis stars is making Internet waves due to its highly-charged sexual undertones.

The campaign’s video and photo shoots, some of which are featured here, are going viral by all accounts and are set to be shown via all known and available media outlets including TV and social media sites. It is intended to be driven over 80 markets in the next two years.

And yes, it is sexy. Working from the themes: ‘athleticism and grace’, ‘strong is beautiful’,  the featured tennis stars have been made into the  most-followed household names on the planet.

The WTA says the hard-impact ad campaign is designed to support its drive for stronger contacts with fans worldwide and to advertise upcoming stars as well as contemporary ones.

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March 16, 2011

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March 16, 2011

Dildo-weilding Woman Attacks Cop

A US law officer was traumatized by a woman he tried to help when she went for him with a dildo. The woman was charged and convicted, but she says she was only acting in self defence.  This incident brings a new dimension into the use of dildos and sex therapists are considering the implications.

What are your views? Have you ever been attacked by a dildo, or by someone with a dildo? Remember commenting on Times of Dominica is free.. so read more by clicking on this link and comment away!

January 24, 2011

A woman survives after falling from the 23 floor

[Melanie Brown, US and Argentina News Contributor]

BBC News has recently come out with the tidings of a young woman having survived after falling from the 23rd floor of a hotel in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires. Her fall was broken by a taxi, whose driver got out moments before the impact crushed the roof. It seems that she had climbed over a safety barrier and leapt from a restaurant at the top of the Hotel Crown Plaza. The lucky taxi driver said he got out of his vehicle just before the impact after noticing a policeman looking up… Check out the story and let us have your views? Would a man have survived? A child, a cat?….hmmmnnn…let Times of Dominica know what you think…