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May 31, 2011

“Not our vegetables to blame, its German food!”, Spain says after accusations from Germany that its vegetables caused the country’s deadly e.coli outbreak

[Peter Skelps, Epidemics Contributor]

BBC News: Spain is furious with the Germans for passing the buck to it for Germany‘s recent bad food outbreak which is making thousands seriously ill and so far has killed around 20 over Germany.

Angry Manuel Jose, a Spanish tourist in Hamburg, told iTOD Daily news contributor, Peter Skelps: “It’s nothing to do with Spain and Spanish food. It’s just a big cover up by the Germans to hide their own bad food. Bad food poisoning in Germany has always been a time bomb. Go to any fast food place, or cafe – they all touch money and everything with their hands and then handle your food with the same hands. Restaurant attendants and kitchen hands there even go to the bathroom and handle your food after without washing their hands. It’s them to blame, not us and it’s certainly nothing to do with our cucumbers.

He went on to say: “So they are bothered about 20 deaths…what about the 140,000 Germans that die each and every year directly from smoking tobacco in Germany. Instead of continuing to encourage Germans to smoke, shouldn’t they  stop trying to kill them all?”

Spain’s agricultural minister has said that Germany has no reliable data to link the poisoning to Spanish vegetables.  This view has since been echoed by a number of German officials who have expressed mixed views concerning the matter.

The outbreak has killed around fifteen Germans and one Swedish woman who died after eating German food.

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which is Germany’s national disease institute, has confirmed that since the outbreak, which appears to be worsening, over 1,150 people in  Germany have been contaminated by enterohaemorrhagic E. coli (‘EHEC‘) which in turn has led to Haemolytic-uraemic Syndrome (HUS), which causes kidney problems and can kill. Germany has 373 cases of HUS currently.

May 17, 2011

Breaking News: Fukushima Nuclear Facility, an act of international terror by Japan

[Daisy Chung, Human Rights Contributor]

It seems from the conclusions of analyst, Paul Watson, that the Fukushima nuclear plant construction equates to nothing less than an act of terror by the Japanese government. 

That is because even before the nuclear plant was constructed at Fukushima, earthquakes had been striking the Honshu region, which encapsulates Fukushima, on a daily basis – some more severe than others. Therefore, the Japanese government which had been motivated by commercial greed, would have known that it was highly predictable that a disaster of the kind that struck the facility recently, due to seismic activity, was just a matter of time.

Despite knowledge of this highly likely disaster, no contingency plans had been made for this by the Japanese government to protect its citizens in such an event. Furthermore, in particular, it had known, even before constructing the plant that the nuclear reactor design was known to be susceptible to fracture and leakages under stress.

Today, the situation is far worse for the world and the Japanese people than it was at the start of the eventTEPCO now admits that the areas surrounding the Fukushima prefecture – up to 100 miles away, are severely contaminated. As a result, villages and towns are being evacuated and livestock is being culled on a daily basis.

Drinking water in cities as far away as Tokyo, now have radioactive contamination far above the safe limit and there is concern by international organisations that the radioactive pollution in the atmosphere in all of Japan now poses a serious risk for the health of the Japanese.  Additionally, the Pacific ocean facing the plant is now dangerously contaminated and the reactors in spiralling meltdown.   The international scale of Japan’s irresponsibility has been reflected in the radioactive contamination from the disaster  spreading beyond its shores to the USA, UK and most of Europe where risk-level radioactive substances from the plant have been found in milk and livestock.

However, despite it having no plan to contain the problem, the Japanese government has not been forthcoming in admitting the extent of the catastrophe and in fact has been working actively with media organisations to downplay the true scale of the horror it has perpetrated.

Japan, by its colossal act of horror brought about by its commercial greed, has perpetrated an act of pure evil upon its citizens  equivalent to that inflicted upon their people by the regimes in Africa and the Middle East, now under ‘people power’ uprisings which have international support.

It seems clear that Japan should be now brought to account by the UN for having inflicted this deliberate and unlawful risk deliberately upon its citizens and for endangering the world by its act of criminal terror in the construction of the nuclear plant in Fukushima despite the known and predictable risks of the disaster that struck the plant which has affected not only the Japanese, but the entire world.

May 15, 2011

Two Earthquakes at M6 and M6.2 respectively shake Fukushima and Costa Rica on Friday 13th May 2011

[Daiwai Kumushi, Japan News Contributor]

United States Geological Survey reports around 17 category M5 earthquakes struck the world in the past few days with two of them at M6 in Japan’s Honshu region (area of Fukushima) and Costa Rica respectively – see the chart below for details.

M5-M6 category earthquakes are serious and can be viewed in context of the recent M6.3 earthquake which devastated Christchurch, New Zealand recently.  No damage, or injury reports from the events are available.

A list of M5/M6 earthquakes happening in the world in the past few days appears below as reported by USGS.

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May 8, 2011

Pippa Middleton is new sensation in Ibiza bikini backflip

[Royal Family Contributor, Jenni Smith-Tollop]

Photos taken in 2006 show the royal newly-weds having tons of fun in Ibiza with friends.  Scrumpy photos show William relaxing with his bikinied friends on a yacht in Ibiza and the delightful Pippa Middleton frolicking in the sea with a perfect backflip. Certainly, from all accounts, the happy couple’s marriage seems to be one made in sheer heaven!

May 7, 2011

No survivors as Indonesian passenger aircraft crashes into the sea in West Papua

[Travel News Contributor, Johan Sminter]

Sadly there were no survivors from the crash of the Indonesian passenger aircraft  today which had been carrying 27 people when it plummeted into the sea of West Papua in a landing attempt which went short of the Kaimana town airstrip.

So far only 15 bodies have been accounted for and rescuers are still searching for survivors. Papau has a terrible air safety record and this incident will do little to inspire confidence in the many travelers who have to rely on air travel to get to the Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesia has had many commercial airline disasters in the past few years and in 2007, the European Union had effectively banned all of the country’s airlines.

May 7, 2011’s winner’s gallery – Travel Photograper for 2010

[Travel & Photograper Contributor]

To see more pictures, click on this link, or the picture! Enjoy!

May 4, 2011

Kim Kardashian’s curves new sensation in Mexico

[Sheila Courtney, Celebrities News Contributor]

MailOnline:  Kim Kardashian‘s recent photos with her new boyfriend, Kris Humphries, are setting the celebrity world on fire as the fetching curves displayed gives ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians‘ a totally new meaning as far as the 30 year old reality star’s fans are concerned.

The pictures show cute Kim with her new boyfriend, 26 and an NBA player, on a beach resort in Mexico.

To read more, click on the picture….

May 2, 2011

Ugandan security forces kill 2 people power protestors and injure 120 more

HuffPost World:  In Kampala  on Friday, security forces fired live bullets directly at protestors killing at least 2 and injuring around 120 in the biggest anti-government demonstration sub-Saharan Africa has seen this year. The police arrested around 360 people according to government reports.

The recent protests in Uganda are directed toward the removal of the country’s despotic president Yoweri Museveni who has ruled the country for twenty five years. The president though, is refusing to go and international observers fear that Uganda is likely to go the way of Egypt with increasing deaths and a bloody end to the conflict.

The intensity of Uganda’s recent anti-government demonstrations seems to have been precipitated by the brutish rendition of Uganda’s primary opposition politician, Dr. Kizza Besigye, when police recently penetrated the window of his vehicle with guns, smothered him with tear gas and took him off into their vehicle.  Besigye had been the president’s personal doctor and was sacked from the job in 1999 when he said that the government had become a ‘one man dictatorship’.  He had commented to the Associated Press  last week that Uganda was in dire economic difficulty with a broken down health care system and rising rates of employment.

Uganda is a country in Africa of some 35 million people of which more than half are under the age of 15.  Around 1.2 million have HIV/ AIDS.   The average daily wage for Ugandans is around $3.5 per day.  The country has recently discovered that it has oil reserves.

[Vuzo Kenlos, Middle East and Africa Contributor]

April 22, 2011

Libyan black residents being slaughtered by rebels

[Alice Bolitho, Middle East News Contributor]

According to AlterNet’s Race-Talk Contributor, Philip Martin, it’s not a good time to be black in Libya as Libyan blacks are being targeted by the rebels in reprisal killing sprees.

The reason for that is because, at the start of the hostilities, the besieged incumbent Libyan dictator, Col. Gaddafi, had engaged more than three-thousand black mercenaries from neighbouring Niger, Chad, Mali and in other parts of the Sub-Saharan area to assist his internal security forces to contain the rebellion.  The so-called ‘Pan African Army’, identified by the yellow helmets, were exclusively dark-skinned and according to various reports had been particularly brutal towards Libyans in Benghazi, allegedly firing into crowds of demonstrators and clubbing, sometimes to death, unarmed civilians.

But, not all Libyan blacks are mercenaries as the country’s south is home to a large number of its black citizens. However, the rebels in their anger against the mercenaries are targeting all blacks in Libya in vicious reprisal attacks.  As a result, the indiscriminate killing of blacks in Libya is at an all-time high as black citizens and mercenaries are being equally subjected to hash treatment by the rebels with some being hanged from Poles in Benghazi,  beaten to death, or shot.   Now, there is widespread fear in the community of the many thousand black Libyans who are totally unconnected with the rogue Colonel’s drive to remain at the helm.

So, it seems that when Col. Gaddafi is finally removed, which by all accounts, will be soon, he will merely be replaced by another regime, equally as bloodthirsty and ruthless in respect to what it perceives to be in the best interest of is members and the dispensation of justice.

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April 11, 2011

No peace deal without the Colonel’s surrender, rebels say

[Jo Mokobi, Middle East and Africa Contributor]

BBC News: Despite the entrenched Libyan dictator, Col. Gaddafi’s acceptance of a peace deal brokered by the African Union which would allow him to escape a war crimes tribunal, the Libyan rebels are saying that nothing short of the total withdrawal of the Colonel (including his stepping down and facing a criminal trial) and his regime will secure any peace in Libya.

In the meantime, with weak support from the air from Nato forces, compounded by its policy of not arming the rebels, the Colonel’s forces equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date western manufactured ordinance is continuing to wreak havoc upon rebel forces in Ajdabiya.