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iTOD Daily (‘iTOD’) was established on January 18th 2011 as an online newspaper originally as Times of Dominica. In may 2011, its name was shortened to ‘iToD Daily’.

By May 17th 2011, iToD had achieved more than 43,000 unique page views. It features in all major search engines and has a rising popularity.

iTOD is a 24/7 news and articles service for the news-thirsty and business professionals worldwide. It is hosted by WordPress in the USA and focusses on interesting,  eclectic, topical and must-know world news and topical articles.  iTOD’s contributors who include business professionals and talented journalists, make its news and stories world class.

iTOD’s editoral and administrative team provide a moderation service on behalf of the portal’s producer, Ludzu Publishing 2011, to ensure its integrity and high-quality.  However, neither they, nor the site producer can be held responsible for the views and comments of the site users and contributors as iTOD is an essentially public news message portal is open to everyone for focussed newsworthy contributions and relative comments and discussions.

iTOD as a ‘free of charge’ news facility makes no financial charges upon users and contributors, however, its news and articles contributors may and do charge third parties for their work in writing up and presenting news, stories and advertisements to the moderators of  iTOD for publication.  Furthermore, iTOD welcomes advertising material from local and international businesses and relevant others which it will publish free of charge subject to the suitability of the material.  It is the default policy of  iTOD to keep details of its contributors and users strictly confidential.

To contact iTOD, please use the form below. We normally respond within 2 business days.

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