Case update and the story of Dominique Strauss Kahn and Anne Sinclair, love that knows no bounds

[Lindon Trouillet,  Sex & Relationships News Contributor] International (PARIS (AP):  Wonder why Anne Sinclair, the wife of the apparently  profligate, Dominique Strauss Kahn, now under indictment for a serious sexual assault upon a  New York hotel chambermaid, is so devoted to her husband?

Simple, they are a couple that are hopelessly in love.  So much so, in this time of her husband’s seemingly greatest challenge, Anne is unreservedly supporting him and committing millions of her family’s wealth towards the sorting out of his bail and house arrest arrangements. Many in her situation would be looking at a rather speedy divorce arrangement.

In all aspects, this woman truly embodies the Christian spirit of marriage – ‘to have and to hold, in sickness and health, for better for worse..’ and is proving now to be the admiration of many women for the unswerving support of her husband.

Is this all for show? No, say people who know the couple. says that according to Jack Lang, French legislator and former government minister who has known the couple since the 197os/ 80s: “It is symbiosis, a couple that is completely inseparable…One cannot imagine one without the other. One cannot imagine what they are going through.” also comments that the writer Philippe Martinat, who wrote a biography of Strauss-Kahn and French President Nicolas Sarkozy also says: “She is truly in love with this man. He’s the soul mate of her life…Some suggest she closed her eyes… “In reality she was a woman in love who suffered a lot from this situation, but she preferred to protect and maintain her family.”

Furthermore, according to reports, in a  2006 interview in the French magazine L’Express, Anne Sinclair was asked about her husband’s notoriety as a serial seducer. She said: “I’m rather proud. It’s important to seduce, for a politician. As long as I seduce him and he seduces me, that’s enough for me.”

Case Update

Analysts are saying that as there have been positive crime scene DNA matches between the woman and Dominique Strauss Kahn (sperm traces were found), it is likely that his defence team will go for go for ‘consensual sex’.  Strauss Kahn has already denied all charges which related to ‘forced’ sex and is seems clear that the quickest way out for him will be as follows:-

a) the victim in due course will be made an offer from discreet sources that she cannot refuse. A significant sum of money will be sure to be offered one way, or the other for her to drop her charge of forced sex;

b)  the prosecution’s case will then fail and Strauss Kahn will be a free man;

However, it could be that Strauss Kahn may yet prove that he was ‘set up’.  That is because, legal analysts are saying, it is most peculiar that a man who is raping a woman (as it is alleged for Straus Kahn) will physically enforce her perform fellatio upon him when there would be an obvious serious risk to him if the woman accidentally, during her distress, or deliberately, bit off his penis.

Furthermore, his jumping into the hotel corridor naked and dragging her back to his room really seems to be the act of a madman, not a French Presidential hopeful and head of the IMF, as he was then.


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