“Why I love white women”, by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, London School of Economics, “Black women are scientifically ugly”

[Samantha Templeton-Brewster, Celebrities Contributor]

MailOnline:  The announcement by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, top management lecturer at the posh London School of Economics in London, that ‘black women are ugly’ and their lighter skinned counterparts simply divine, may well be music to the ears of counsel for the disgraced IMF chief, Dominique Strauss Kahn, now in prison facing a trial for forced oral and anal sex upon a black chambermaid at a posh New York Hotel.  However, for many others, it is proving quite offensive.

Satoshi’s research claims that black women are scientifically ugly.  In fact, so much so he says, that white, Asian and practically all other racial mixtures, beat them at the beauty rankings.  The top management lecturer at the prestigious London school says that his findings are justified by scientific methods which details were published today on a hastily withdrawn (after the predictable backlash) blog in the journal Psychology Today.

He says his findings can be backed up by data from a study by Add Health which results he claims are conclusive of the matter that:Black women are… far less attractive than white, Asian, and Native American women”. 

However, sadly, the learned Doctor’s findings may well be autobiographical and indicative of the inherent racism of the Japanese towards black people and Japanese males’ obsession with white skinned women.

Satoshi’s report goes on to say: “Black women are on average much heavier than non-black women…..However, this is not the reason black women are less physically attractive than non-black women… [it is because] they have existed much longer in human evolutionary history, Africans have more mutations in their genomes than other races”.

But doesn’t that go against the finding of the report that black men are more attractive than those of other races?  He chugs on uncomfortably: “But since both black women and black men have higher mutation loads, it cannot explain why only black women are less physically attractive, while black men are, if anything, more attractive”.  Ah.. hormonal reasons: “The only thing I can think of that might potentially explain the lower average level of physical attractiveness among black women is testosterone….Africans on average have higher levels of testosterone than other races… women with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features and are therefore less physically attractive”.

Imagine that this posh university college is paying Japanese, white-women-slavering idiots like this to vent his sexual frustrations on students who are paying good money for an education.  I tried getting a copy of his CV on the  Internet to work out what kind of degrees he had qualified him to utter such “scientific” idiocies.  Nothing, just a pile of other useless articles purporting to expose myths about intelligence and race.

Watch this doctor as he is sure to be an expert witness for Dominique Strauss-Kahn.


14 Comments to ““Why I love white women”, by Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa, London School of Economics, “Black women are scientifically ugly””

  1. Such illogically concluded finding would have escaped people like him; and never shall we fall for such.

  2. African women do have more testosterone but also more estrogen to balance the testosterone. The Doctor seems to give the impression that black women are walking around looking like men. No!

  3. Another thing that most black people might not like to hear is that Black Women especially in the Americas and Europe….well I guess Africa too…Do things to their appearance that make them unattractive. Imitating white women in their hair styles and outfits. Wearing colors and shapes that don’t suit their body types. Thinking that they look pretty with blond hair. No they don’t they just stand out but not in an attractive way. Wear braids and weaves that destroy their natural hair to the point that they must wear fake hair pieces that look so unatural. Black men have contributed to the view of unattractive black women when they joking call they ‘black and ugly’ and make other negative remarks. Will chase down a women of another race so quick and when they don’t succeed they fall back on the black women for sexual release until ready to chase down the women of another race again. So what this doctor is expressing is only the reflection of what black people have displayed for years. And yes, I am a Black women. For instance, in my experience, white men seem to be most intrigued by black women who display naturalness…natural hair, radiant skin, healthy body and an unrestricted mind.

  4. Also the photo above…..Halle Berry and Scarlett Johannsen. Yes Scarlett is I believe Scandinavian possibly, but the picture of Halle, is that to show a contrast?…..because it is not a proper one. Halle is mixed black and white. To show a contrast you must show a black person of African non-mixed heritage/lineage. That picture helps the Good Doctors point that in order for a black person to be attractive, they have to be mixed with either white, asian or native american. We all know that’s not true. And funny he seems to have left out a group of people, the Aboriginies, Papua New Guineans. They are not African from the continent. And they are even darker than Africans. But the Doctor only chose those races of people with whom he had deep rooted issues with.

  5. Question: Did Dr. Kanazawa actually say “Why I love white women”? Is this a direct quote? And what is the source?

    • Not a direct quote, but lavishly extrapolated from the rather bigoted Satoshi’s publication don’t you think? I tend to agree with Cheps that Japanese men, at least those I have met, tend to prefer pale as opposed to dark skins. Nothing to be ashamed of I guess, but what is good for them does not mean that it applies to all.

      My push on the ‘learned’ doctor, as a black woman myself, is that his research is fatally flawed just on the statistics only. Let me explain. There are around 1.5 billion black people on the planet, compared with around 800 million white. Therefore, statistically, one could assume that more people find black women more attractive than they do white women. In that respect, as Satoshi’s research can be seen as nothing more than a cover for his racist and personal orientations, I feel perfectly entitled to comment that most Japanese men do go bananas over white women and dislike black women. Ask most white women who have lived and worked in Japan to check this out.

  6. *Correction: My previous comment was addressed to Cheps Anne Barstow. My apologies.

  7. Samantha: The plural of ‘anecdote’ is not ‘data’. Because you are a blond white woman, the Japanese men that gravitated toward you are, for the most part, the subset with interest in blond white women. The ones that do not have an interest in blond white women will not go out of their way to initiate contact, and would thus be underrepresented in your experiences. Even if SOME Japanese men do prefer white women, I don’t think Japanese men in general would appreciate being labeled as “obsessed with white women”, as they are in this article. Furthermore, this article mentions Kanazawa’s race in the same breath that it condemns the university for hiring “white-women-slavering idiots”, but there is nothing inherently wrong with hiring a person of Japanese descent to teach. The tone of the article is hostile not only to Kanazawa, but to (granted, a somewhat lesser extent) Japanese generally.

    Where did you find and how have you come up with such Eurocentric interpretations of Japanese culture? Geisha have existed in Japan for centuries, far before contact with Europeans. Light skin has been historically prized, not as a result of racial differences, but because having white skin showed that one was wealthy enough to not need to work in the fields. Dying hair unnatural (for Japanese) colors, including blond, is frowned upon by adults and done mainly by teenagers of both genders who wish to stand out.

    I am not “trying to rubbish Samantha’s opinion as a black woman”. I understand that Samantha is absolutely outraged by Kanazawa’s article, and she is rightfully so. I am outraged as well, and anyone who isn’t most likely holds the same racist views that Kanazawa does. However, I don’t think stereotyping Kanazawa’s racial group in return is an appropriate response. That’s all I’m trying to say.

    Satoshi Kanazawa has been spouting crackpot theories for years, as Samantha mentioned. His body of work is not only appallingly racist, but also full of sexist, Islamophobic gems like “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes?” and “What’s Wrong with Muslims?”. Happily, the University of London Union Senate voted unanimously to dismiss Kanazawa yesterday, and if there’s an ounce of justice in the world we should be seeing far fewer articles from him in the future.

  8. Sack the racist lecturer. It’s about time!

  9. A passerby – Geisha white makeup came about when Japanese men visited Europe and came back with tales of ‘white beauties’. Today in Japan white blond women are highly sought after, so much so that Japanese women have started to dye their hair blond to compete.

    Japanese men adore white skin. I lived in Japan during the 80s for more than 5 years and as a blond white woman, this point was very obvious to me. Instead of trying to rubbish Samantha’s opinion as a black woman, why don’t you try talking to some Japanese men and get their honest views. You will see that they are perfectly matched with hers.

    Satoshi is a management lecturer-cum amateur psychologist. He was doing well until he let it out of his pants to the world. How on earth can such an idiot be paid to teach at such a university. Appalling.

  10. How is a “widely-held view that Japanese men prefer white women” more reliable than the view that black women are less attractive? How are the Geisha studies any more reliable than the Add Health studies Kanazawa cites? The contributor is certainly entitled to her opinion, but her opinion is rife with the same problematic reasoning found in Kanazawa’s article.

  11. Stereotyping should not be condoned by anyone, however, the contributor is entitled to her opinion which she has explained to moderators, is based on the widely-held view that Japanese men do prefer white-skinned women. This can be backed up by many Geisha studies which indicate the predeliction.

  12. While I think most (if not all!) reasonable people can agree that Satoshi Kanazawa and his dubious studies are dumb and bigoted, stereotyping Japanese men as “white-women slavering idiots” is not much better.

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