Dr Evangelos Michelakis’ new DCA cancer cure is a researcher’s worst nightmare

[Tom Klinger, Medicine Contributor]

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis’ new cure for cancer is proving to be one of his worst nightmares.That is because his cancer treatment breakthrough has been sabotaged by commercial opportunists who are causing damage to the very people who need to cure their cancer.

A few months ago, Evangelos broke news to the world that his exhaustive research had potentially found an inexpensive cure for cancer.

The cardiologist had published in ‘Cancer Cell’ that a molecule called dichloroacetate (DCA) could shrink cancer cells and thereby cure those suffering from the affliction. However, the shocked doctor soon discovered that his caveats concerning the administration of the molecule to cancer sufferers had been instantly ignored and a black market for the drug had developed more or less instantly after the publication.  This black market is allowing desperate cancer sufferers to buy the drug over the Internet and horrifyingly, to administer the drug to themselves without medical supervision even though it has not had any tests  on humans so far.

Evangelos’ study had found that DCA can shrink cells by ‘reviving’ the cancer-affected mitochondria contrary to the popularly held view that as the mitochondria were hopelessly damaged, it was the damage to them was the result and not cure of the cancer.

Here is a review (extracted from TheDCAsite.com) of a cancer patient who had taken the drug:-

Squareb (described as a 40yr old physician with metastatatic sarcoma):

February 27, 2007 — Day 3:  I have been taking [DCA] for three days. I notice no side effects, except maybe a little lethargy, but that may be from the thiamine supplement. I am taking the sodium DCA at 1.25 mg/kg twice daily. I plan to increase it to 2.5 mg twice daily. I dissolve it in 8 ounces of water. It has a slightly salty taste that reminds me of the potassium salts they use as salt substitutes.

March 13, 2007 — Day 15: I don’t think I have any significant side effects.

March 19, 2007 — Day 24:  I do not think DCA does nothing. On the other hand it is not the magic bullet everyone had hoped for. It will probably be an useful adjunct to use with other chemotherapies or radiation.

Two days later, Squareb stopped taking DCA.

March 26, 2007 — Day 31: My experience with DCA’s side effects really started about day 25 when I had increasing malaise and the start of tremors in my hands. Numbness in my hands started on day 27, the day after I stopped my dose of 25mg/kg twice daily. This is neuropathy from DCA. The general feeling of malaise culminated on day 29. On that day I was feeling more lousy than usual. Suddenly I felt as if my whole body was withdrawing inwards even though I was sitting motionless on the couch. I thought I was telling my last words to my wife. I have a glucometer… I drank some juice and ate some salad. The feeling started resolving within 15 minutes. I am convinced this was hypoglycemia.

March 29, 2007 — following CT scans:  The tumour growth resumed at about the previous pace during the DCA treatment…. DCA may work on certain tumours or combination with other drugs, but it obviously did not work on my metastatic sarcoma tumours.


It seems that pharmaceutical companies who could have been interested in developing DCA are concerned that they can get it patented as it is currently not possible to patent a molecule. However, cancer sufferers are not happy about this. Also the companies are saying that it is not particularly cheap to manufacture the drug.

Notwithstanding the dangers of using untested drugs on humans, a Californian trader, Jim Tassano is now selling DCA via the Internet.  Dr. Michelakis is angry about this: “He’s [Jim Tassano] a pest exterminator with a biology degree who’s hired a chemist and is profiting from desperate people…He is bypassing every regulatory principle that exists to ensure pharmaceuticals are safe and selling hope for money. It’s horribly unethical.”

Mr Tassano sells the DCA for 90 cents a gram and says that he is only doing the selling because his wife’s life as she is currently terminally ill.

The Canadian Cancer Society is looking into the therapy’s validity at the moment to assess whether clinical trials are merited and Dr Michelakis hopes to commence DCA trials with people this spring. In the meantime, he is urging everyone to wait until the therapy has been approved by the regulatory bodies in Canada.


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