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May 17, 2011

Spain’s new law permits hospitals to hasten the death of terminally ill patients  The Spanish government,  passed into law the right to have an early death for terminally ill patients last Friday. The patients will be able to halt their medical treatment and thereby hasten their death.

The Spanish health minister, Leire Pajin, was quick to point out that the law had nothing to do with the government’s public spending austerity program and that it would not contradict the strict ban on euthanasia or assisted suicide, which criminalises procedures that kill those who are not terminally ill.

As in the UK and most European countries, stopping medical treatment for terminally ill patients is widely practiced, though not officially sanctioned.

Human rights advocates are concerned that the explicit permission by law for medics to kill terminally ill people raises two questions:-

1) Will there be adequate provisions in place to ensure a safe determination of what constitutes a ‘terminally ill’ person?

2) What procedures will be in place to safeguard those who are very ill and whose treatment is expensive upon the state, to be bullied into ending their lives as ‘terminally ill’ patients for the convenience of others.

The law is set to be approved in Parliament is the next few months.

May 17, 2011

Breaking News: UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to head IMF

[Angelique De Strange, Crime News Contributor]

Following the spiralling demise of IMF chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is now in a New York prison charged with serious sex abuse charges including forced anal and oral sex against a black chambermaid which took place at a posh hotel in the city where he was a guest, an anonymous source at the IMF has confirmed that ex prime minister, Gordon Brown, is tipped to be in the post in a matter of weeks.

Mr. Brown, widely blamed for the ongoing meltdown of the British economy and mad-hatter schemes like the now defunct ID card scheme for British citizens, is said to be chomping at the bit for the opportunity to save the world as the IMF’s new chief.

It is expected that the IMF will make the announcement in a matter of days and Mr. Brown, it is rumoured is already looking for a residence in Strasbourg.

For workaholic Mr. Brown, there will be no chance of any sex scandals and analysts are saying that with his track record of spectacular failure, he is the best man for the job because the IMF desperately needs a scapegoat (someone to fire) when the PIGS countries effect their imminent default on the IMF bailout loans.
May 17, 2011

Breaking News: Fukushima Nuclear Facility, an act of international terror by Japan

[Daisy Chung, Human Rights Contributor]

It seems from the conclusions of analyst, Paul Watson, that the Fukushima nuclear plant construction equates to nothing less than an act of terror by the Japanese government. 

That is because even before the nuclear plant was constructed at Fukushima, earthquakes had been striking the Honshu region, which encapsulates Fukushima, on a daily basis – some more severe than others. Therefore, the Japanese government which had been motivated by commercial greed, would have known that it was highly predictable that a disaster of the kind that struck the facility recently, due to seismic activity, was just a matter of time.

Despite knowledge of this highly likely disaster, no contingency plans had been made for this by the Japanese government to protect its citizens in such an event. Furthermore, in particular, it had known, even before constructing the plant that the nuclear reactor design was known to be susceptible to fracture and leakages under stress.

Today, the situation is far worse for the world and the Japanese people than it was at the start of the eventTEPCO now admits that the areas surrounding the Fukushima prefecture – up to 100 miles away, are severely contaminated. As a result, villages and towns are being evacuated and livestock is being culled on a daily basis.

Drinking water in cities as far away as Tokyo, now have radioactive contamination far above the safe limit and there is concern by international organisations that the radioactive pollution in the atmosphere in all of Japan now poses a serious risk for the health of the Japanese.  Additionally, the Pacific ocean facing the plant is now dangerously contaminated and the reactors in spiralling meltdown.   The international scale of Japan’s irresponsibility has been reflected in the radioactive contamination from the disaster  spreading beyond its shores to the USA, UK and most of Europe where risk-level radioactive substances from the plant have been found in milk and livestock.

However, despite it having no plan to contain the problem, the Japanese government has not been forthcoming in admitting the extent of the catastrophe and in fact has been working actively with media organisations to downplay the true scale of the horror it has perpetrated.

Japan, by its colossal act of horror brought about by its commercial greed, has perpetrated an act of pure evil upon its citizens  equivalent to that inflicted upon their people by the regimes in Africa and the Middle East, now under ‘people power’ uprisings which have international support.

It seems clear that Japan should be now brought to account by the UN for having inflicted this deliberate and unlawful risk deliberately upon its citizens and for endangering the world by its act of criminal terror in the construction of the nuclear plant in Fukushima despite the known and predictable risks of the disaster that struck the plant which has affected not only the Japanese, but the entire world.

May 17, 2011

“Mummy, I want to be a Navy SEAL” – after Bin Laden’s execution SEAL mania grips the USA

[Health and Fitness Contributor, John Jezic]

Huffington Post: SEAL-mania is gripping American 6-pack wannabees and is the hottest craze since the Bondesque and superfit SEALs despatched a startled Osama Bin Ladin to a watery grave recently.

For a predominantly obese US population, this is good news.

The video says it all.