Woman ordered by court to inject acid into jailed attacker’s eyes as punishment for his attack

MailOnline & DawnCom – photo sources

[Law & Courts Contributor, Ahmed Kahstan]

MailOnline reports that Ameneh Bahrami, who was blinded and disfigured for life by a jilted suitor, was granted permission by a court to pour acid into the eyes of her attacker by way of punishment for him and compensation for her.

The 32 year old woman had dated Majid Movahedi, a fellow student at Tehran University and when she had refused his invitation to marry him, after stalking her for some time, in 2004, the 27 year old attacked her and doused her with sulphuric acidThe attack left the beautiful woman blind and scarred for life and she had to suffer 19 operations to combat her severe injuries.

Although the Iranian court awarded her £19,000 as compensation and her attacker was jailed, she refused the money and asked the court for her attacker to receive the same pain and disfigurement she has been forced to suffer.

[Update 17 5 2011 – Ameneh is asking for EUR 1.7 million for her victim to save his eyes. She says the money will help her to rebuild her life. If he doesn’t pay up, he will be blinded next week].

My advice, get the money!

Ameneh is said to be estatic with the result: ‘I’m very happy. After six years I’m getting justice. But we are both losers because we have both suffered greatly.’

Majid has so far made no comment.


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