Shocking beheading of British woman in Tenerife

[European Crime News Contributor, Vicky Brown]

BBC News:  Residents of the popular British resort of Tenerife are in a state of shock following the brutal beheading of a woman British tourist today in a supermarket.  A Bulgarian man (updated to ‘Romanian’ – 16 5 2011) thought to be responsible has been arrested in the town of Los Cristianos.
Eyewitnesses told BBC News that  the alleged perpetrator entered the Chinese supermarket in a well-frequented shopping centre on the island and then proceeded to stab and behead the 62-year-old British woman.  He then took the woman’s head and paraded it outside the centre until he was tackled by a security guard who wrestled him to the ground where he was held until the police came.
The attack is believed to be a random one as the woman appears to have had no previous connection with her beheader who the police do not believe to be connected to, Al’Qaeda, or Islam.  However, the police say the arrested man has a crime record.

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