ITV This Morning show’s biggest boobs

[Celebrities Contributor, Jenny Mally]

MailOnline: British TV station ITV left UK parents fuming after its This Morning program hosted a woman who claims to have the world’s largest ‘man-made’ breasts which measure a fantastic 164XXX.

The woman, Chelsea Charms, a 35 year old exotic performer from Minneapolis, USA, appeared on the show with hosts Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford who questioned her about her breast size. Viewers had then complained en masse with most saying that the adult theme should not have been shown on a morning program where children could have been watching.

Chelsea’s breasts had been made larger by the now unlawful polypropylene string procedure whereby a ‘string’ of the same name is inserted into each breast which causes the breast lining to be irritated. The serum produced from the irritation causes the breast to grow almost indefinitely.

Chelsea’s breasts are still growing 1 inch each month.  However, she admitted to the shocked hosts that eventually she would have to have the strings removed and her breasts reduced for health problems.

In the meantime, Chelsea seems to be enjoying her life as a celebrity.


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