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May 13, 2011’s damming news report, Obama’s lied about Bin Laden kill facts

[Patsy Trembledon, Asia News Contributor] It seems that the photo showing President Obama and a shocked Hillary Clinton observing the killing of Bin Laden, was totally staged according to a damming report in today’s Telegraph.

In fact, as Leon Panetta current CIA head confirmed, there was a 25 minute blackout when the live feed from cameras on the helmets of the US special forces was cut off.

He told PBS “Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn’t know just exactly what was going on. And there were some very tense moments as we were waiting for information..we had some observation of the approach there, but we did not have direct flow of information as to the actual conduct of the operation itself as they were going through the compound”.

Furthermore, the  so-called ‘new’ tapes released of Bin Laden watching videos of himself are exactly on all fours with footage first published by the USA in 2007.  To add to all this, the official version of what happened last Sunday when Bin Laden was disposed off by the SEALS has changed so much that even Mr. Obama is having difficulty in telling anyone what the correct version is.

Disturbing news for the credibility of the Obama administration at a time when it needs it most.

May 13, 2011

Woman ordered by court to inject acid into jailed attacker’s eyes as punishment for his attack

MailOnline & DawnCom – photo sources

[Law & Courts Contributor, Ahmed Kahstan]

MailOnline reports that Ameneh Bahrami, who was blinded and disfigured for life by a jilted suitor, was granted permission by a court to pour acid into the eyes of her attacker by way of punishment for him and compensation for her.

The 32 year old woman had dated Majid Movahedi, a fellow student at Tehran University and when she had refused his invitation to marry him, after stalking her for some time, in 2004, the 27 year old attacked her and doused her with sulphuric acidThe attack left the beautiful woman blind and scarred for life and she had to suffer 19 operations to combat her severe injuries.

Although the Iranian court awarded her £19,000 as compensation and her attacker was jailed, she refused the money and asked the court for her attacker to receive the same pain and disfigurement she has been forced to suffer.

[Update 17 5 2011 – Ameneh is asking for EUR 1.7 million for her victim to save his eyes. She says the money will help her to rebuild her life. If he doesn’t pay up, he will be blinded next week].

My advice, get the money!

Ameneh is said to be estatic with the result: ‘I’m very happy. After six years I’m getting justice. But we are both losers because we have both suffered greatly.’

Majid has so far made no comment.

May 13, 2011

Shocking beheading of British woman in Tenerife

[European Crime News Contributor, Vicky Brown]

BBC News:  Residents of the popular British resort of Tenerife are in a state of shock following the brutal beheading of a woman British tourist today in a supermarket.  A Bulgarian man (updated to ‘Romanian’ – 16 5 2011) thought to be responsible has been arrested in the town of Los Cristianos.
Eyewitnesses told BBC News that  the alleged perpetrator entered the Chinese supermarket in a well-frequented shopping centre on the island and then proceeded to stab and behead the 62-year-old British woman.  He then took the woman’s head and paraded it outside the centre until he was tackled by a security guard who wrestled him to the ground where he was held until the police came.
The attack is believed to be a random one as the woman appears to have had no previous connection with her beheader who the police do not believe to be connected to, Al’Qaeda, or Islam.  However, the police say the arrested man has a crime record.
May 13, 2011

Shocking new evidence to Chilcot Inquiry from top British spy makes it likely that Tony Blair will face war crimes tribunal

[War Crimes Contributor, Pat Vecar]

MailOnline: In a shocking revelation by top British spy, Major-General Michael Laurie who was the boss of the Defence Intelligence Agency responsible for data on Iraq at the build up to the invasion,  it is claimed that Tony Blair and his advisor, Alistair Campbell, deliberately twisted facts so as to make a case for war on Iraq. Effectively, they had not only lied to Parliament, but had also lied to the Chilcot Inquiry looking into the legality of the Iraq war.

This is the clearest indication so far that for the first time in British history, a former prime minister is now more than likely than not to appear before an international war crimes tribunal.

May 13, 2011

Facebook loses face in Google war

[Internet and Technology Contributor, Kazim Blanche]

TechCrunch: It seems that Facebook has lost face in a dissing campaign on Google gone awry.

Burson-Marsteller, a svelte PR company had been apparently hired by Facebook to dig up the dirt on Google by reverse propaganda stories to media and consumer rights outlets. Top of the list was that Google invades people’s privacy.

However, things turned sour for Facebook  when the blogapanda blogger hired to do the dissing by the PR company, published the emails that it had sent to him on the matter. This was quickly followed up by a story in USA Today which suggested that Facebook was behind the dissing campaign on Google.

The relevant emails to the blogger from the PR company are here courtesy of  TechCrunch.

May 13, 2011

ITV This Morning show’s biggest boobs

[Celebrities Contributor, Jenny Mally]

MailOnline: British TV station ITV left UK parents fuming after its This Morning program hosted a woman who claims to have the world’s largest ‘man-made’ breasts which measure a fantastic 164XXX.

The woman, Chelsea Charms, a 35 year old exotic performer from Minneapolis, USA, appeared on the show with hosts Philip Schofield and Ruth Langsford who questioned her about her breast size. Viewers had then complained en masse with most saying that the adult theme should not have been shown on a morning program where children could have been watching.

Chelsea’s breasts had been made larger by the now unlawful polypropylene string procedure whereby a ‘string’ of the same name is inserted into each breast which causes the breast lining to be irritated. The serum produced from the irritation causes the breast to grow almost indefinitely.

Chelsea’s breasts are still growing 1 inch each month.  However, she admitted to the shocked hosts that eventually she would have to have the strings removed and her breasts reduced for health problems.

In the meantime, Chelsea seems to be enjoying her life as a celebrity.