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May 7, 2011

Have a chocolate bath right now courtesy of Cadbury

[Jenny Alden, Fashion and Beauty News Contributor]

Daily Mail Online:  It seems that a solution has been found for the sweet-toothed who wish to give themselves a treat without risking their teeth, general health and figure as Cadbury, the chocolate manufacturer has announced its plans for launching a new series of bath products made up of chocolate and cacao.

Truffle bath creme, toffee body butter and hazelnut exfoliating wash will be ready-to-buy in June and will be available in John Lewis retail shops and fashion store for online orders, and will hopefully be widely popular among  all women who will be keen to try out a total solution for their pleasures courtesy of the woman’s best friend – chocolate!

May 7, 2011

Update 7th May 2011 – killings in Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Bin Laden’s plans to attack the USA

[Military Analyst Contributor, Sam Trowell]


Kandahar, Afghanistan is a hotbed of fighting between militants and government supporters. They have attacked the governor’s office, the country’s spy agency (AIA) and a police station. Around 22 people have been killed in the attacks which have included at least six suicide blasts. The Taliban have claimed responsibility.


Attackers burn many houses in the village of Bauchi state, Nigeria killing at least 16 people who are believed to have been Christians. As Bauchi belongs to Nigeria’s region which separates the Muslim north and the Christian south, it is an area of much tension between the two sides involving power struggles.


Reports on the Syria people protests situation are claiming that troops and tanks are moving into the Syrian city of Baniyas which has been the hub of anti-government protests. More than 800 protestors have been executed by the Syrian government since the demonstrations started two months ago.

Bin Laden

US Officials studying material taken from Bin Laden’s apartment are confirming that after 10 years of no attacks upon the USA, he had been planning to put the American railway system under 911-type attacks imminently and it is feared that if he had not been killed in Abbottabad, the USA and the world would have been in the greatest danger.

After further study of the Bin Laden materials, the US Officials plan to debrief their administration and the world on the other attacks that had been planned by Bin Laden. In the meantime, various blogs purposting to be Jihadist, or from the leadership of Al’ Qaeda, are confirming Bin Laden’s death which, according to the US Officials are more or less conclusive that he was killed in the daring raid by unnamed Navy SEALs at his private quarters near the Pakistani military training college and the Pakistani security services headquarters in Abbottabad.

May 7, 2011

Time to buy as London city real estate market recovers

[Sarah McCraig, Real Estate Market News Contributor]

1888Press Release: While world’s real estate markets continue to go downhill, certain signs show that the property crisis has entered the stage of recovery at some places.

Recent figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) show that property demand increased by 25% in the center of London by the end of 2010. Office space was mostly asked for and the demand had reached its highest point since 2007.

Since October last year, the number of queries from existing office occupants for offices has risen up to eight per cent and the amount of free commercial property has plummeted down to zero, the lowest since 2007.

Stirling Ackroyd, a London real estate agency which rents out offices in Shoreditch, Hackney and Clerkenwell said: “We have seen a surge in enquiries for our commercial property in Clerkenwell, especially for office space. We also have premises to let in other central and London wide areas, and again, demand has recently been very strong. But if you’re looking to find new premises, we’re reassuring our business customers they’re not necessarily going to have huge problems right now. There has been all the media coverage about a shortage of good quality commercial property during the last year. However day in day out, we are still showing business customers around good quality commercial property in Clerkenwell and beyond. It is a good time to make the move providing you’re getting the expert local support you need, despite the jump in demand”.

According to RICS, demand for rental property in London will continue to rise this year, although other UK areas might be far from booming. Still, this London indication may be the first sign that people are starting to have spare money again and while the overall demand is not high enough to set prices afloat yet, it may be a good time for well thought-out investments in this world commercial capital.

May 7, 2011

UK Muslims angry over death of Bin Laden

[Joan Tollings, Politics Contributor]

UK MailOnline: The US Embassy  in London was in uproar yesterday as hundreds of  Muslim activists surrounded the buildings in theatrical mourning of the Al’ Qaeda leader’s death. Placards and slogans like ‘Islam will dominate the world’ were abound and direct terrorist attack threats to the US were voiced.

The central figure in the mass protest action was a scandalous priest Anjem Choudary, a former (now dismissed) UK solicitor and a fierce supporter of the Islamic movement in the United Kingdom, who has publicly announced his approval of the September 11 attacks and July 7 London bombings.

The capital is on full alert now, as protestors’ are threatening that it is only a matter of time’ before a new terrorist attack takes place and that the ‘West is the enemy’.

May 7, 2011

No survivors as Indonesian passenger aircraft crashes into the sea in West Papua

[Travel News Contributor, Johan Sminter]

Sadly there were no survivors from the crash of the Indonesian passenger aircraft  today which had been carrying 27 people when it plummeted into the sea of West Papua in a landing attempt which went short of the Kaimana town airstrip.

So far only 15 bodies have been accounted for and rescuers are still searching for survivors. Papau has a terrible air safety record and this incident will do little to inspire confidence in the many travelers who have to rely on air travel to get to the Indonesian archipelago.

Indonesia has had many commercial airline disasters in the past few years and in 2007, the European Union had effectively banned all of the country’s airlines.

May 7, 2011

The ‘long and winding road’ to happiness, Sir Paul McCartney to marry for the 3rd time

[Celebrities News Contributor, Anja Dneskova]

BBC: Sir Paul McCartney is set to marry his girlfriend of some 4 years running.  He has announced that he is engaged to be married to 51 year old, Nancy Shevell, a New York businesswoman. She will become his third wife.

Ringo Starr, former Beatles member like Sir Paul has offered congratulations and wishes for their happiness.

May 7, 2011’s winner’s gallery – Travel Photograper for 2010

[Travel & Photograper Contributor]

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