“Top O the mawning toya!” – oral surgery gives USA woman Irish accent

[Joss Kliener, Health and Medicine Contributor]

Huffpost Health: Karen Butler is Newport, Oregon‘s biggest Irish celebrity although she is 100% American.  The reason for that is after having oral surgery around a year ago, she went home with an Irish accent which has since been the talk of town and a cause of amusement and delight for herself, family and friends.

Doctors say that the cause of her Irish accent may be due to a very rare affliction called Foreign Accent Syndrome, which is set off by brain trauma, or a stroke. According to Dr. Ted Lowenkopf, of the Providence Stroke Center in Oregon: “It’s so rare — less than 100 cases ever reported — that the average neurologist, even a stroke neurologist, would not see a case in their lifetime.”

To listen to her new and old voices, click on the photo above.


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