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May 5, 2011

Abbottabad residents say Bin Laden’s death a fake – BBC news

[Joisha Muhammed, Pakistan News Contributor]

BBC: The residents of Abbottabad, the city where Osama Bin Laden was recently executed by Navy SEALS, do not believe the USA‘s account of his death.

Where is the body, why was it buried at sea – nothing to do with Islamic traditions – why no photographs, why so many conflicting accounts by those who said they killed Bin Laden – residents are asking.

It seems that no amount of wreath-laying, photos of the president and his team staring at a screen purporting to show the execution of Bin Laden (which later on turned out not to be the case) and pats on the back for a job well down by the ‘sting team’ responsible for the execution, will take away the controversy surrounding the authenticity of Bin Laden’s death.

Officially, there is no body to be seen by anyone and to compound things Mr. Obama has said that he will not release any photos of the incident despite the controversy and the expectation of his CIA director, Leon Pannetta, that photos of the body should be released.  Mr. Obama is adamant that he will not release any photos, saying  that the “very graphic images” could “incite violence and become propaganda tools”.

Many in the Middle East, together with the residents of Abbottabad, are now accusing the USA of deception in the matter and quite frankly, Mr. Obama has played right  into their hands on this.

To see the BBC video of the interview with the Abbottabad residents, please click on the photo above.