Bin Laden death photos

by, John Dweitke,  USA News Contributor

The report of Bin Laden‘s execution, according to the multitude of conflicting accounts of how this happened, is descending into the category of fairytale stories according to an increasing number of Americans and worldwide observers.  Why was his body buried so quickly, why are there so many conflicting accounts about the incident from those who participated in it, why no photos, why the quickest burial ever  known to a person of  Bin Laden’s notoriety and why was the hard evidence buried so irretrievably at sea? All these questions are contributing to Internet’s biggest sensation for all time.0

Hopefully, when the Obama administration decides to release consistent accounts of the events and reliable photos to back them up, the controversy will subside. In the meantime, it seems to be continuing at full force and at an alarming rate. So much so that the significance of the event could be lowered to that of one of the greatest perceived fictions of all time if the Obama administration does not react soon and credibly.


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