US lawyer, John J Maalouf of New York City, achieves national award for excellence for the sixth year running

[US Law & Courts Contributor, Dr. Edward Lestrade]:  John J Maalouf is a US lawyer to reckon with for setting the highest standards possible for delivery excellence in the international trade and financial services industry in the USA.  That is because, for the sixth year running John has won the distinction of being in the top ten international trade and finance lawyers in the USA according to United States Lawyer Rankings.

John’s dedication to quality of service to all clients, small, or large, has earned him a reputation that only few in his demanding field are able to achieve consistently.  He is also a registered arbitrator of the Online International Arbitration Court (‘OIAC’) which operates out of Wyoming and provides commercial disputes settlement by mediation and arbitration 100% online.

Complimenting his personal high standards of delivery, John’s law firm, Maalouf Ashford & Talbot, has been recently being named “Oil & Gas Law Firm of the Year” for 2010 by Corporate International Magazine in New York.  The firm operates throughout the USA and internationally and represents some large reputable clients in high-profile matters concerning international mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, private equity, oil & gas transactions and cross-border deals in China and the Middle-East.


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