Ugandan security forces kill 2 people power protestors and injure 120 more

HuffPost World:  In Kampala  on Friday, security forces fired live bullets directly at protestors killing at least 2 and injuring around 120 in the biggest anti-government demonstration sub-Saharan Africa has seen this year. The police arrested around 360 people according to government reports.

The recent protests in Uganda are directed toward the removal of the country’s despotic president Yoweri Museveni who has ruled the country for twenty five years. The president though, is refusing to go and international observers fear that Uganda is likely to go the way of Egypt with increasing deaths and a bloody end to the conflict.

The intensity of Uganda’s recent anti-government demonstrations seems to have been precipitated by the brutish rendition of Uganda’s primary opposition politician, Dr. Kizza Besigye, when police recently penetrated the window of his vehicle with guns, smothered him with tear gas and took him off into their vehicle.  Besigye had been the president’s personal doctor and was sacked from the job in 1999 when he said that the government had become a ‘one man dictatorship’.  He had commented to the Associated Press  last week that Uganda was in dire economic difficulty with a broken down health care system and rising rates of employment.

Uganda is a country in Africa of some 35 million people of which more than half are under the age of 15.  Around 1.2 million have HIV/ AIDS.   The average daily wage for Ugandans is around $3.5 per day.  The country has recently discovered that it has oil reserves.

[Vuzo Kenlos, Middle East and Africa Contributor]


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