Transgendered women attacked for using a ladies’ toilet at a McDonalds in Baltimore, USA

[Alice Warrington, Sex & Relationships News Contributor]

ABC News:  When a transgendered woman, Chrissy Lee Polis, used the woman’s toilet in a Baltimore-area McDonald’s on April 18th, she was subjected to a severe beating by two women in the fast-food restaurant, Teonna Monae Brown, 18 and her accomplice, a fourteen year old girl.  Both are now facing hate crime and assault charges.

A video showing the attack has since gone viral on the Internet. It was shot by a McDonald’s employee (now sacked), who could be heard laughing in the background and who had warned the attackers to leave as the police was on their way.

Ms. Polis said: “They started ripping my hair, throwing me on the floor, kicking me in my face…..everybody sat there in that McDonald’s and watched me get hurt. And nobody did nothing at all. Nobody.”

Eventually, a woman customer had come to Ms. Polis’ aid as she appeared to suffer an epileptic seizure at one point during the attack.


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