Wikipedia in trouble as it defies UK High Court privacy injunctions

[James Trou, Wikipedia News Contributor]

MailOnline: Wikipedia has published details of four UK celebrities hiding their private details which include sex scandals although they had been protected by UK privacy ‘super injunctions‘.

Wikipedia are said to be embarrassed over the exposures and are reportedly ‘scrambling’ to remove the postings made by users. It has since pledged to lock the profile pages to prevent such occurrences.

Even though the site is based in the USA, a UK privacy injunction as an order of a UK court can be enforced in any US court under judgment recognition protocols between the US and UK, so if the postings continue, Wiki is likely to end up in hot water with the UK legal system which would involve criminal proceedings.

Although the postings have been removed, their details are still appearing on the site’s history pages.  Wikipedia, has over 400 million readers.

The privacy orders include:-

  • THE FOOTBALLER: a UK married footballer who had a sexual escapade lasting over 6 months with Big Brother‘s Imogen Thomas.
  • THE ACTOR: a famous actor who had a raunchy affair with Helen Wood, the same prostitute that  the celebrity sportsman, Wayne Rooney enjoyed recently;
  • TV STAR I: a married celebrity who has been shown in photos in intimate situations with a woman;
  • TV STAR II: a celebrity who is preventing his ex-wife from saying that she slept with him after he remarried.

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