Fukushima plant operators facing huge domestic and foreign compensation claims

[Akito Sikomoto, Japan News contributor]

Fukushima Plant Operator to Compensate Residents

According to RT.COM, the Fukushima plant operator, TEPCO, is making compensation payments of up to $12,000 to each of the the 50,000 or so families living in the 30km evacuation area around the crippled nuclear facility. It also plans to disperse a radiation-absorbing substance on the facility’s coastline.

The total amounts to be given in compensation to the families are still under review, but is likely to be to the tune of millions. The majority of those who had to feel the troubled zone are still living in emergency centres and have lost their employment as a result.

RT.COM – Highly Toxic Radioactive Material still being dumped into the sea at ‘catastrophic’ levels – compensation claims likely

TEPCO reports that in six days of this month, more that 20,000 times the allowable limit of radioactive matter has been dumped into the sea from the damaged plant amounting to more than 520 tonnes of toxic radioactive water.

As the toxic sea-borne contamination from Japan has reached countries as far away as Germany and Ireland and is likely to cause incalculable damage to the Pacific Ocean‘s sea life, analysts are saying those sovereign nations that are already affected by the toxic waste reaching their shores – USA, Malaysi, Thailand, UK – are taking legal advice in respect to taking legal action against Japan for the contamination as this increases. If this happens, it is feared, due to possible size of the compensation claims, it is likely that Japan will cease to exist as a country.


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