USA in decline as superpower

[James Templeton, US Politics and Economy Contributor]

AlterNet’s Tom Englehardt writes that the USA as an empire is in decline and likely to go the way of the once world-dominant Greeks and Romans.

According to him, everyone recognises the US as an imperial power. Its domination of the world scene extends far beyond its borders to practically every country on earth where its military has garrisons in most and today, the country is more at war in foreign soil than it has ever been in its past.

However, what makes things different from the past is that today the USA as a country is concurrently under stress in all of its major aspects as a world superpower.

Economically and financially, the country is still spiralling into a bottomless deficit in the magnitude of trillions which continue to defy  ‘pay off’ imagination. In addition, the wide divides between its main political parties are getting wider and which became so great that in recent days, a total government ‘shutdown’ had been a realistic possibility.

In addition to all that, the USA’s recent imperialist escapades into Iraq and Afganistan which have been expensive and unsuccessful and its unwavering support for Israel, a country which the international community considers to be the biggest obstacle to peace in the middle east, is causing its friends, especially in the emerging economies in Africa and the middle east, to distance themselves by the day.

Merge all of the above with the current viral ‘people protests’ in most of the middle east and Africa and the US’s deteriorating relationship with Pakistan, a key ally in its ‘war on terror’, a fate envisioned in the biblical prophesy of the four horsemen of the apocalypse beckons.

Englehart says: “Have you noticed, by the way, how repetitiously our president, various presidential candidates, and others now insist that we are “the greatest nation on Earth” (as they speak of the U.S. military being “the finest fighting force in the history of the world”)?  And yet, doesn’t that phrase leave ash in your mouth?  Look at this country and its frustrations today and tell me: Does anyone honestly believe that anymore?. when the United States was actually “the greatest” on this planet, no one needed to say it over and over again”.

3 Responses to “USA in decline as superpower”

  1. iToD is really coming on from its previous posts. Well done! Thanks.

  2. Not in foreseeable future ……… !

    At present the US economy is roughly the size of the next four economies put together. The US surely is on the decline, but it will still remain the single most powerful nation for the foreseeable future …… !


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