British and France put soldiers on the ground in Libya

[Katherine Taylor, Libya Conflict Contributor]

BBC News reports that the UK is sending a number of its military advisors to Libya to assist the rebels to overthrow the regime of Col Muammar Gaddafi.  Around 10 British officers will be deployed together with around the same amount from France.

The British are saying that the move complies with the UN resolution on Libya which prevents the depl0yment of foreign occupation troops. Col. Gaddafi’s foreign minister, is reported to have said that the move would not be helpful to Col Gaddafi and the rebels as it would only serve to prolong the conflict. However, he did not mention what else Britain could do to assist with the rebel’s demands being met.

Military analysts commenting on the move are saying that it is undoubtedly the first step towards a full-scale deployment of British and French troops to Libya to spearhead the following invasion of Nato forces.  They are also saying that Nato’s resolve not to arm the rebels means that Col Gaddafi’s forces have distinct firepower advantages over them as they are able to rely on weaponry (including tanks, rockets and anti-personnel munitions) supplied to Col Gaddafi by US and European governments in the past 2 years.

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