Woman charged with murder in the USA for harming her foetus

Guardian.co.uk: A woman, Bei Bei Shuai, is now in jail in Indianapolis, USA, charged with the murder of her four-day-old baby daughter who died when she tried to kill herself with rat poison whilst pregnant. The 34 year old woman, had been about to marry her boyfriend when she found out that he was already married and as a result would not be leaving her.  She had gone to a hardware store when getting the news, bought the rat poison, took some but did not die right away, but later on was hospitalised and was treated. She survived, but when she gave birth to her daughter, it  died after 4 days as a result of alleged illness brought about by the poison.

She had broken down then and had to have psychiatric treatment after which she rejoined her friends and started getting her life back together. But in March this year, she was arrested by police and charged with attempted foeticide and now faces going to jail for life.

Guardian.co.uk reports that Alexa Kolbi-Molinas, a civil liberties lawyer said: “This case has huge implications for pregnant women, not only in Indiana but across the country ….. if we allowed the state to put a woman in jail for anything that could pose a risk to her pregnancy, there would be nothing to stop the police putting in jail a woman who has a drink of wine or who smokes. So where do you draw the line?

[Crime & Women’s Rights Contributor]


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