US Far-right groups enjoy machine-gun training at Kentucky family event

[Jim Howard, USA Crime Contributor]

AlterNet:  Last Saturday was  a fun day for American families at Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky. That is because that day was one of its twice-yearly ‘Family Friendly‘ Machine Gun Shooting events. According to the organisers : “Nothing brings families together like blowing stuff apart…safely.”

The show was littered with far-right and Nazi memorabilia (as can be seen at on the video – click on the picture above to access it) with scant regard to the horrors that the Nazis had inflicted on the Jews in deathcamps like Auschwitz during the days of the Holocaust.  Indeed, vendors at the event were openly selling white supremacist goods including t-shirts and flags with the popular symbols of racist skinheads and neo-Nazis.

AlterNet reports that also on sale were the race war books:  Hunter and The Turner Diaries by William Pierce of the National Alliance, a popular US hate organisation.  The gun shows included instructions on how to kill people with gunfire and the right way to make Semtex, a lethal plastic explosive and also how to make silencers for guns.

Civil rights groups are saying that the sheer hypocrisy of American standards on the War on Terror is deafening as if this event was held by non-whites, or Americans of foreign descent anywhere in the USA, or the world for that matter, it would be considered to be a ‘terror training’ activity and the members/ attendees likely to be rendered, or at least put on terror lists worldwide. Of course, nothing of the sort had happened at Knob Creek – no arrests, no monitoring for ‘terror’ activities.  Basically, the event seemed to have been enjoyed by all an sundry – even the ones who bought the guns and assorted merchandise some of whom, judging from the abundance of far-right merchandise around, will certainly go on to wreak havoc on Americans in one of the most gun-crazy countries of the world, where more frequently than elsewhere in the world, random acts of violence with guns kill many innocent people including children.


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