The ‘Clunking Fist’ bids for the IMF top job – not likely says British Chancellor

[Anne Smith, UK Politics Contributor]

MailOnline: It is a well-known secret that the ‘Clunking Fist’, also known as ex-Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, is pushing hard for the top job at the IMF.

A tad bored with getting internet access to all kids in Africa (for no salary), he is reported to be drooling at the chops for a crack at the £270,000 per year (thank you very much) IMF post. Following moments, which could only be described by the sane as ones of pure lunacy, this week at a conference of chief policymakers at Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, the birthplace of the IMF, Mr Brown had come up as best choice for the post after his intense levering to get it.

In recent times in the USA, Mr. Brown, the man who oversaw the collapse of the largest bank in the world – the RBS and the reduction of the British economy  to a poor neighbour of what it used to be,  has been putting himself about to be a top international statesman in media circles.

However, Mr. Brown is likely to be disappointed with the result of his bid for the post as the UK government and its Chancellor are saying that they will veto any moves to get him into the job, because he is simply not up to it. Furthermore, they are saying that with his track record of spectacular failure as an economist, it would be an insult to the British people for him to be in charge of anything to do with money, or any kind of economy for that matter.

Analysts are saying that with this kind of negative heat from the British government, Mr. Brown’s bid is sure to fail and are suggesting that he might consider going the way of Lord Mandelson – join the EU as a commissioner and take things from there to stage his comeback to front-line British, or world politics.

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