Journalist takes a video trip to the heart of Fukushima

[Atoshi Jito, Japan News Contributor]

RT.COM: Armed with a video camera and geiger counter, journalist Tetsuo Jimbo, chief editor of went on an adventure of his life deep into the Fukushima facility to get a first hand view of the catastrophe.  He trip went to around 1.5 km of the plant.

He reports the scene at Fukushima as being eerie – no traffic lights, no one about, only dogs and cows walking aimlessly around.

The roads were badly damaged by the earthquake, rubble and debris coming from tsunami left as they were… don’t feel a thing even when the radiation level is high. You don’t smell anything, you don’t feel any heat, it doesn’t hurt. That is the scary thing about radiation – you don’t know if it’s there unless you have a Geiger counter on you,” he said.

Tetsuo says that throughout his visit radiation levels had remained quite low and noted that in some places further from the plant, levels had turned out to be far higher.

Click on the picture to read more and to view the video..


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