Hosni Mubarak is ill and hospitalised before interrogation begins

[Aziz Whitley, Middle East News Contributor]

MSNBC: Ex-president of EgyptHosni Mubarak, is having a tough time with his health an unnamed ‘medical source’ claimed on Wednesday, following his detention for 15 days whilst prosecutions are being considered for ‘abuse of authority‘ and corruption.

Investigators are said to be also looking at the killing of demonstrators during the ‘people power’ uprising that led to the former dictator’s demise. Hosni is claiming that he did nothing wrong and analysts are saying that may well be the case, as widespread abuse of power, corruption and the like are the norm among the region’s rulers and governments.

Yesterday, Hosni had been hospitalised in Sharm el-Sheikh because of ‘heart troubles’ so as to enable him to be well when investigators begin to question him.

Despite the rejoicing of the rebels, all is not well for Egypt as there are fears that the military in charge are angling to bring in Hosni’s friends to take over from him.


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