No peace deal without the Colonel’s surrender, rebels say

[Jo Mokobi, Middle East and Africa Contributor]

BBC News: Despite the entrenched Libyan dictator, Col. Gaddafi’s acceptance of a peace deal brokered by the African Union which would allow him to escape a war crimes tribunal, the Libyan rebels are saying that nothing short of the total withdrawal of the Colonel (including his stepping down and facing a criminal trial) and his regime will secure any peace in Libya.

In the meantime, with weak support from the air from Nato forces, compounded by its policy of not arming the rebels, the Colonel’s forces equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date western manufactured ordinance is continuing to wreak havoc upon rebel forces in Ajdabiya.


3 Responses to “No peace deal without the Colonel’s surrender, rebels say”

  1. The rebels are against the peace of Libya.
    They are insurgents, supported by war gangs.

  2. Imperialism is not dead. After 2nd World war, imperialists were mostly overthrown. Now they have formed a new war syndicate ,the NATO and allied coalition.The war syndicate is occupying lands,natural resources of weak countries in Asia, Europe & Africa.
    They are flaming wars ,killing people. The are establishing insurgents, puppet govts, looting natural resources,treasures.
    People of Africa,Asia, Latin America, Europe should be alert about the mater and should move unitedly for sovereignty . They should move for human protection.


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