Fukushima deathtoll tops 28,000 as search continues for bodies

[Akito Sikomoto, Japan News Contributor]

RT.com: According to the Japanese Police Agency,the dead and missing from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan have now reached 28,000 and the figure is expected to go up.

A joint task force, involving more than 20,000 Japanese and American servicepeople, is carrying out intensive search exercises around the Fukushima and adjoining prefectures for bodies. So far 300 have been recovered.  In the meantime, however, radioactive waste from the plant continues to be dumped into the Pacific.

RT.com reports that around 8,900 tons of contaminated fluid was pumped from Fukushima yesterday with 200,000 tons more today.  Most of the disaster-affected Fukushima reactors are in a bad state and are still leaking radiation into the atmosphere and the sea. Furthermore,  in excess of 60,000 tons of radioctive waste water still needs to be pumped out from the facility before any kind of restoration work can be done on it.

To limit damage to the environment, the plant operators are planning to build a 120 meter wall into the sea to separate it from the plant. However,  analysts are saying that the plant is irrecoverable and even it was, it would not be prudent to re-commission  it in Fukushima which is a known earthquake zone.

There are also fears from the Japanese authorities that the amount of radioactive waste from the plant being dumped into the atmosphere and the Pacific will encourage countries that have been affected by the discharges to claim compensation, which could run into billions.


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